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I woke up to interesting headlines
this morning about what took place last night at the Grammy Awards.


What else to expect on February 13
– the number of surprises and transformation.


Seems the biggest upset was ‘tween
heartthrob Justin Bieber losing to an unknown jazz artist/singer/composer named
Esperanza Spalding for Best New Artist.


Isn't it fascinating that Esperanza
Spalding is in a 13 Personal Year right now. This number was truly activated
last night. 13 breaks down the old and brings in the new so that new ground can
be broken. That message permeated many of the awards.


Esperanza Spalding's win brought
the winds of change with her highly creative niche of jazz performance.


As for Justin Bieber, he's in a 7
Personal Year.


7 cycles can be challenging to
many people. They ask you to slow down and use patience as you are prompted to
look within yourself. Not easy in this fast-paced world.


Additionally, Justin is 16 years
old, a number which also reduces to 7. So he has the double 7 ‘sabbatical'
vibration going on. It's easy to see, given the double 7 influence, why he lost
the Grammy last night.


Bieber will be back strong
shortly, when his 8 Personal Year begins. The number 8 happens to coincide
beautifully with Justin's Destiny/Career Number too.


Plus, his current name ‘Justin
Bieber' is highly fortunate. So he is supported, no matter what.


Then there was the infamous Lady
Gaga – another artist with a highly fortunate name.


Lady Gaga in Egg.png

First Gaga turned up inside an
egg. Then she lost the coveted Album of the Year award to the Canadian
independent rock band ‘Arcade Fire.' No one expected that one either.


I don't know the day ‘Arcade Fire'
was founded, but I can tell you, the band's name is a fabulous 14/5 – the Media
Number. As a result, they will be able to capitalize nicely on this sudden


Lady Gaga had the exact, same
issue as Justin Bieber.


She is ALSO in a 7 Personal Year –
a sabbatical cycle. Maybe that is why she came to the Grammy's incubating in an
egg. She needed rest.


At the same time, Lady Gaga
channeled the 13 message about rebirth.


She is about to enter her powerful
17/8 Personal Year – the same number as her name ‘Lady Gaga'. It means
‘Immortality'. She will always be supported with that powerful


Next up, the Academy Awards.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Everyone
deserves to have a fortunate current name. Be sure you and your loved ones have
one too. 

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