Three words –
Gratitude, Love and Thanksgiving – are in the air.


Whether in the Pythagorean or Ancient Chaldean system, EACH
of the names either adds up to 3, 6 or 9. This 3-6-9 trilogy is referred to by
numerologists as the ‘feeling' and 'emotional' triad of numbers.


The word ‘Gratitude' resonates to 3 and 6.


‘Love' adds up to 3 and 9.


And ‘Thanksgiving' resonates to 3 and 6 – just like


The number 3 symbolizes joy and self expression. 6 represents
the cosmic parent, home and compassion. And 9 represents unconditional love,
culmination and the end of a cycle.


Each of these words symbolize deep feelings for our family,
friends, our home and our fellow human beings.


Did you notice how all three names add up to 3 in one of the
two systems? The flipside of this number is being scattered, inactive and


We all have a very strong connection to the  3-6-9 trilogy.


There are 24/6 hours in a day, 12/3 months in a year, 12/3
inches in a foot, 36/9 inches in a yard and 360/9 degrees in a circle. Speaking
of the number 9, it takes that many months from conception to the birth of a
baby. Very fitting, since 9 represents completion.


Gratitude and Love are like twin flames. When you feel love
you feel gratitude. And when you feel gratitude, you open your heart.


I am grateful to be sharing my life with you.


Happy Thanksgiving,

Tania Gabrielle

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