The pictures coming from Haiti are
heartbreaking. This country is feeling the brunt of a catastrophic 7.0


I heard about it seconds before my
Inner Circle teleseminar last night.


This morning there are pictures of
the country's grandest building, the Presidential Palace, and news that the
head of the UN in Haiti and the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince are dead. The
capital is leveled. All hospitals have been abandoned or are collapsed


The numerology for Haiti – the
poorest in the Western hemisphere – is challenging. And yesterday specifically
the numbers 3 and 5 were triggered.


It's incredible how the number
12/3 – also known as the ‘Victim' number – was activated.


1. The earthquake struck on
January 12.


2. The time was 4:53 pm local
time, 4+5+3 = 12/3.


3. The Red Cross estimates that 1
in 3 Haitians are affected by the quake – that is 3 million people.


4. The phone number to call for
information about family members is (888) 407-4747. Add all the digits and you
get the number 57 which reduces AGAIN to 12/3.


5. 2010 is a 3 Universal Year.


6. ‘Haiti' adds up to 12/3 in the
Chaldean system I use for current names.


7. The official name ‘Republic of
Haiti' ALSO adds up to 12/3.


Remember in 2008 when four hurricanes
devastated Haiti within days of each other. 2008 was a 12/3 Personal Year for


With a 12/3 ‘victim' name, this
country is bound to keep attracting challenging events.


Additionally, when you combine the
numbers 3 and 5, there's Double instability.



And for Haiti this combination is
active right now. Haiti is in a 5 Personal Year in 2010. In a 5 cycle you never
know what's coming next. 5 rules adventure and risk and attracts surprises –
including earth changes.


Combining the numbers 5 and 3 for
Haiti, with it's 12/3 name, is an invitation for sudden and challenging events
to take place.


2010, a 3 universal cycle, will
have a lot of distractions.


Since 3 is in the ‘feeling'
trilogy of numbers, you could feel more emotional this year. Watch my 2010 Forecast video to see
what I said. 3 is an active, fluid vibration – not as stable as the 11/2 in


Earthquakes and other sudden
events are more likely this year. It will FEEL more like an emotional roller
coaster as a result.


Do you see how the 3 sits on a rocker?
So does the number 5. This shows how during 3 and 5 cycles it's easier to rock
back and forth. 2 sits on a straight line and is more stable.


Both 3 and 5 are also open not
closed like numbers 6 and 8. So they attract more fun, adventure, movement as
well as instability.


At this point I want to mention
that the U.S. is in a 14/5 Personal Year in 2010. If a situation arises that
makes you react emotionally this year, the best response is to take action and
be creative.


For example, find a way to act by
helping Haitians in some way. Focus on your own imagination and create
something that uplifts you and brings you joy.


Staying actively creative all year
long will really help keep you balanced and grounded.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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