harrison and calista.jpgNumerology is a great tool for discovering how compatible two people really are. Especially long-term relationships.

Case in point are Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.

Ford is one of Hollywood's most notoriously private actors. You don't hear much of his personal life in the news.

His need for privacy shows up in this numbers too. Born on the 13th, and with a double 1 Life Purpose and Destiny, Ford is a loner. He doesn't easily fit in, but is more of an outsider. You won't see him participating much in Hollywood's party scene – if at all.

An avid pilot, Harrison loves his freedom. He's probably somewhat ornery about particulars too. The double 1 and 13/4 make him creative, sensitive, original – and a born leader. Ford is not too happy about taking directions – except from those he truly admires.

Enter Calista Flockhart. A beautiful and also somewhat mysterious actress, Calista brings compassion and communication skills to all her relationships.

But she also understands Ford's need for privacy. Calista has a 7 Destiny number – the most private of vibrations. Her 7 is balanced out though by her 24/6 Life Purpose – a warm, parental, home-loving number.

Ford and Flockhart share not only the first letter of their last names, but also have three of six numbers in common. This gives them an instant bond as friends. If you believe in soul-mates, having half your numbers in common gives any relationship that strong, spiritual bond.

I also look at each of the six categories separately to see how they relate. Calista and Harrison have three of those categories in Perfect Harmony. They also have three in Conflict.

This means there'll certainly be differing opinions and attitudes between them. These are balanced by the 3 numbers they have in harmony AND the 3 they share in common. So there's a nice balance between these two of bringing new ideas to the table while feeling secure and totally comfortable doing so.

Interestingly, Calista is born on 11.11. So 2009, an 11 Universal Year is a big cycle for her. Plus her Personal Year in 2009 is 15/6 – the same vibration as her current name number. Plus it connects directly to her 6 Life Purpose.

6 symbolizes all family related issues, so it's no surprise to me that Harrison proposed to Calista on Valentine's Day this year.

As for Ford, he's in a 23/5 Personal Year in 2009. The 5 cycle is pretty much what it took to get him to commit again. 5 of course favors taking risks – on every level.

When numbers between two people resonate with each other, life is much easier. Because there is an instant, natural bond. Add a little spice to all the harmony and you have yourself a lovely, fascinating love affair.

Numbers are active in any relationship – not just for couples, but between parents and children, with siblings and between employers and employees as well.

If you have a question about a relationship in your life – or you want to know whether your name is fortunate and what your future holds – then go now and schedule a live Intuitive Counseling Call with me.

You can ask me anything during our private call. That's because numbers cover every part of your life.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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