I'm not into horror movies. But one movie got my
attention this morning. It's called ‘Paranormal Activity.'


Not that I'm planning on watching it. But I do
want to share the remarkable story of this little film. Believe it or not, the
movie was made for only 11,000. After playing at some festivals, it opened in
only 200 theaters this past weekend and averaged 44,163 per theater – raking in
7.1 millyion. Amazing.


Of course, I immediately checked the name.


Turns out ‘Paranormal Activity' adds up to the
Instant Manifestation Number – 10 – showing exactly how the journey from 11,000
to 7,100,000 was able to unfold so dramatically.


Then I looked at the release date. And saw
another fantastic number – 27/9 – a great wealth vibration.


So two awesome numbers, 10 and 27, truly helped
this tiny little film to hit the jackpot.


The result was a 7.1 millyon jackpot. Yes, that
amount reduces to another powerful number, 8. Again, numerology gives us clues
and insights into this incredible success story.


Speaking of movies, over the weekend my daughter
Claire and I watched a movie about fairies – her favorite topic – which had a ‘cameo'
by Harry Houdini.



Seeing Harry Houdini's name lit up in lights
during the film got me intrigued. Especially the two H's that make up the first
letters of his name. Yes, the letters that start your name carry a special


Harry Houdini's two H's are the 8th
letter of the alphabet, and 8 symbolizes power, overcoming obstacles,
leadership and strength.


There's a lot more to this letter though. Just
look at the image of the H gives and you get major clues.


Notice the ‘H' has both ‘feet' firmly planted on
the ground. Also see how ‘H' looks like a window.


A window lets in both air and light. Windows
give us views – uplifting and challenging views, depending on your environment
and point of view.


This means people with a prominent H see what
has to be done and how to do it really well. At the same time, it's vital to
keep the ‘window' clear and clean so that you can see the truth – not a
clouding of reality.


Now verbalize the letter. Say ‘Hhhh' out loud
and you literally hear your breath.


So it's fascinating and fitting that the word ‘Health'
both begins and ends with an H. And that Harry Houdini had to take deep breaths
to perform many of his tricks.


‘H' also looks like a ladder – it goes in both
directions, up and down. What an appropriate image for Harry Houdini who often
climbed up and hung upside down in his daring escape acts. This ladder imagery
also shows that people who have a prominent H can go in two directions – up
into the positive or down into the negative.


Like the number 8 which H represents, this
letter and number represent ‘As Above, So Below', or cause and effect. Thinking
positively allows you to climb up the ladder and receive positive result.


Of course Harry Houdini wasn't born with that
name. But by taking it on, he RECEIVED the characteristics the letters carry
with them.


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Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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