Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.48.41 AMYou probably have been feeling the tension of the Mercury Grand Square for the past few days.

My internet service has been pretty spotty recently – last night it went down completely! Electronic devices are always affected when Mercury is challenged.

Since the Grand Square includes Uranus and Pluto, the effect on us has been dramatic and groundbreaking. You are being asked to remove all restrictions imposed on you.

Fortunately, tomorrow the Grand Square dissipates as we welcome the Pisces Full Moon – a Harvest Moon.

This beautiful, mystical Full Moon occurs at 26 degrees.

26 is a number of power. It reduces to 8, the infinity symbol representing eternal life, prosperity and leadership.

The message with this full moon is clear: take a leadership role in your spiritual growth. Focus on a plan to generate wealth

Keep in mind, September is a 6 Universal Month and 2013 is a 6 Universal Year.

This numbers’ code of double 6 and 8 makes September and the full moon a spectacular prosperity propeller. Take advantage of your abundance opportunities now!

The full moon occurs on a 19 Day – the ‘Prince of Heaven’ number symbolizing the Sun.

Your inner light is symbolized by the light of the Sun and Moon, and this light is mirrored across all the divination arts tomorrow.

So allow your light to shine.

FEEL abundant. You are attracting major breakthroughs right now.

When you choose to manifest your highest calling, you automatically choose abundance.

Embrace the transformation.

And… take note of your emotional hang-ups concerning wealth and money

For example, do you celebrate others’ success?

Are you happy for those who are happy and abundant?

Rejoice in others’ accomplishments. There is enough to go around. Plenty, in fact. More than we can ever imagine!

You can create Abundance at ANY time.

Being prosperous is your soul’s eternal right. Never forget that.

Be sure to use your powerful Abundance Blueprint to guide you.

The Abundance Blueprint is your personal divination map to prosperity. It details the self-imposed roadblocks that impede you – and reveals the remedies that you need in order to step through the muddle and into an abundant life.

Click here:

Be divinely inspired into action by the prosperity message in your numbers’ code!

Dedicated to Your Prosperity,

Tania Gabrielle

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