It’s very sad to hear about an untimely death. Actor Heath Ledger’s is no exception. Many in Hollywood believed this young star was destined for greatness.
When something as shocking as this occurs, there are usually clues, big clues, to be found in that person’s numbers.
Academy Award nominated actor Heath Ledger was born on April 4, a 4 month and 4 day. This number made him hardworking and disciplined, as he attested himself when he revealed that one week in November he only got two hours sleep a night while working on the latest Batman movie – ironically called ‘The Dark Knight.’ As a result Ledger was prescribed sleeping pills, which he said didn’t help.
It was the supposed mix of these pills with anti-anxiety drugs and a bout with pneumonia which caused his death.
Heath had just started a Personal Year urging him to slow down and to take care of his bodily needs. 2008 would have demanded that he exercise outdoors, eat properly and get more sleep. His pneumonia may have been a sign that his strength was depleted, and he needed time to rest and recoup.
Learning about the anti-anxiety pills at his bedside reinforces that he needed to slow down and calm his nerves.
The two 4s in Heath’s Day of Birth were in effect yesterday. It was a Master Number 22 day – and 22 adds up to 4. A Master Number will always ask more of you. O So yesterday was a very, very potent day for Heath. Especially when you consider his ill health at the time of his death.
As you know, numerologists often refer to the 4 and 8 as fateful numbers. These numbers are magnetically attracted to other 4s and 8s – whether in dates, as in January 22, or in people who have them in their blueprint.
On another note, when I heard Fred Thompson had pulled out of the Republican race yesterday, I knew I’d find a 4 or 8 somewhere prominent in his blueprint as well.
As it turns out, his name adds up to 8 in the Chaldean system. No surprise then that he chose to announce his departure on a 22/4 Master Number day. 4s and 8s are truly interconnected.
This should give you an idea of how numbers affect you on a daily basis.
I’m not saying you need to know the ins and outs of every one of your Personal Days – though many of my clients will tell you, that it can be very helpful. What is key is to understand – your numbers are here to help you. To allow you to see beforehand what to expect. This foreknowledge is a tremendous asset and not to be underestimated.
Take advantage of all the secrets revealed in your vivid, month by month description of 2008, your private 2008 Blueprint – you will not be disappointed. No, you will be thrilled by the immense possibilities available to you this year.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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