I have to say – Tom Brady is incredible to watch on and off the field. His current flame Gisele Bündchen isn’t so bad either.
More on their relationship below. Brady may enter legendary status by the time Sunday’s in the history books. Only 2 other quarterbacks have won four Super Bowls – Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.
Will the Patriots win their 19th straight. I believe so. With Tom Brady at the helm, they have it made – if the Giants don't shut him down. Let’s look at his numbers and then check out the date of the Super Bowl XLII, February 3.
Tom’s Life Purpose Number demands that he lead, make a lot of monee and learn about abundance and power. Tom has an 8. Plus he’s born in the 8th month of August.
How is he to fulfill his Life Purpose – well that answer lies in his Destiny Number. It’s an unexpected 106/7. Creativity, originality, divine protection and great responsibility all point to a person who is poised, has a brilliant mind and is a perfectionist. The 7 also means he can be alone and not be lonely.
When looking at the attributes that make up a great quarterback, these two numbers, namely 8 and 7, make a great combo. First you’ve got the consummate leader and authority in the 8 coupled with the intuitive intelligence and analytical abilities of the 7.
By the way, Eli Manning ALSO has a 7 Destiny Number. It’s a good number for quarterbacks who have to think on their two feet and make lightning-quick, intuitive decisions.
But there’s one more important number in Brady’s blueprint which figures large – and will be especially activated tomorrow.
Tom Brady was born on the 3rd. And yes, so was Eli Manning. This makes tomorrow's game so interesting, because tomorrow IS February 3. It shows, both these great athletes were almost fated to play in the ultimate game of the year. Brady has a couple of additional 3s going on in his life as well.
His Personality Number is a 3. Ever wonder why Tom’s always smiling. Why he never complains. Why he’s so outgoing and relaxed. Well, it’s the double 3 in his blueprint. 3 is the number of effortless joy. A 3 person will usually be able to relax and entertain anyone, no matter how they’re feeling. Tom’s got that ‘aw shucks’ attitude. He’s comfortable in his own skin.
Even Brady’s Jersey is a 12/3.
Another great athlete with the same happy, relaxed disposition is Tiger Woods. Not surprisingly, he was born on December 30, giving him a 3 month and a 3 day. And, just for comparison’s sake, Tiger’s also got an 8 in his Blueprint – it’s his Destiny Number.
Here’s the kicker. Tom is currently in a 21/3 Personal Year. 3 years are rewarding, happy cycles often bringing the ultimate realization of your goals.
Tom has a great combination of numbers going for him for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.
If I compare Tom’s currently active numbers to Eli’s, I have to say they’re somewhat better. Eli has a great year and day, but a not-so-great month. So… my bets are on the Patriots making history tomorrow with 19 straight wins and an undefeated season. I do think the Giants are going to make it a compelling game though, because Eli is on a roll. If you were talking numbers and intuition, you might just pick Eli. It's going to be close me thinks.
What about Tom and Gisele.
I see them getting married this year. Tom and Gisele have 3 out of 6 numbers in common. This is a very good sign for creating a union that lasts. Yes, their relationship will have their challenges, but my sense is they will remain together for a long time.
Enjoy the game.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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