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Life on Earth is speeding up.

And, as with any shift, several items in the news point to transformation and upheaval – the hallmarks of any 13/4 cycle, including September, 2011, a 13 Universal Month.

Including the motorcycle accident in northern Utah yesterday, September 13.

You may have seen the video. Motorcyclist Brandon Wright's life was saved when fellow bystanders and University students, rescued him as he was about to be engulfed in flames.

Two of the handful of rescuers were featured in media interviews worldwide.

One of them, James Odei, a 35-year-old doctoral student from Ghana happens to have a current name resonating to 13/4.

The other doctoral student, Abass Sharif from Lebanon, has a 32/5 current name number.

Both 13/4 and 32/5 names will attract unforeseen, sudden events – with the 32/5 particularly attuned to the media.

Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident and rescue, though many were shaken up. The motorcyclist would have surely died in the flames engulfing the scene if it were not for his fellow students' courage.

Captured on video, the rescuers were being called ‘heroes' and ‘angels'. It might surprise you that both words apply to the 13/4 frequency.

13 is a very misunderstood number.

It has been misconstrued to symbolize fear of death. In reality the number 13 brings transformation and rebirth – a natural part of life and death.

Herbalists and healers even wore the 13 as a pendant many eons ago, since the frequency
was understood to help the herbalist with the transition and healing of their patients.

As with every number, there is a positive, life-affirming side and a shadow side.

In recent times, the number 13 has received a bad rap.

Part of the reason is that those with power know how strong a frequency the number 13 is. 13 empowers no matter how you choose to use its qualities.

You can feel the power of the number 13 in the words of the bible. In the 13th verse of Ezekiel 13 it says, “In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury.”

Yesterday's motorcycle accident on the 13th shows the power of unconditional love – the angelic quality of this number.

A life was changed.

And the world is the better for it for having watched it all on video.

With the stock market and political climate in flux, unexpected weather patterns becoming the norm, and the discovery of 16 Earth-like planets (between 1-10 times the size of Earth) our world is seemingly being turned upside down.

Actually, we are undergoing an Awakening. As to what is ‘waking up'… that is revealed in the 2012 Code.

The 2012 Code has already activated and is getting stronger every day.

During this shift the best thing you can do is to take everything one moment at a time.

A shift happens in an instant. Be completely and utterly PRESENT in order to leverage each moment, each shift as it happens.

Your flexibility and willingness to bend, but not break, is being tested now.

In order to feel free and joyful during this major moment in time, make sure you understand the message contained in the most amazing symbol – the 2012 Code.

All will be revealed at my biggest and best LIVE event ever – 2012: A Spiritual Pivot Point.

You will learn how to prepare, position and prosper in 2012. And you will be able to help others stay grounded and calm, because you'll understand WHY we are moving to a new era and WHAT is being asked of us.

In other words, you can thrive because you'll know exactly HOW to use the ultimate tool of transformation.

For more on the 2012 Code, go watch this video.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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