Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a neck-to-nack race. Now I have to say, I’m not a big fan of politicians. Far from it.
But it’s fun and enlightening to take a peek at their numbers. Keeping one thing in mind. Most of these men and women will do anything to get elected.
Ladies first. Hillary Clinton was born on a 26 day – like Michael Vick. Here’s a refresher on 26, a number full of contradictions. Hillary has a unique power based on compassion for others. Yet she may not have the ability to help herself.
As a result, she will often defer to other people’s advice, instead of listening to her inner voice. For this reason, she should avoid business partnerships of all kinds, because she will be taken advantage of. She must work only for herself.
Hillary has to stabilize her income by putting aside money. She must be careful about behaving in an extravagant manner or investing in other people’s projects. Remember the Whitewater scandal? Hillary should only invest in her own future. Otherwise she will be misled.
In order to balance the negative energy of her 26/8 day of birth, Hillary Clinton needs a really great name vibration.
She doesn’t have one.
Not only that. Her name resonates to 44/8, which carries the SAME meaning as number 26/8.
So how did she make it this far. Clinton has a couple of other great number vibrations going for her. For one, she has a 30/3 Life Purpose vibration, which gives her enthusiasm, great powers of self-expression and communication plus a feeling of joy. By the way, Ronald Reagan’s name resonated to a 30/3. Hi nickname – the Great Communicator.
Secondly her 73 Destiny Number gives her a fearlessness and self-confidence few people have. Both the 30/3 and the 73/1 vibrations are extraordinarily helpful if you’re running for office.
John F. Kennedy had a 26/8 name too just like Hillary. He made it into the White House, though barely. I’ll write more about Kennedy in the future.
Before I move on to Obama’s numbers I have to say this about Clinton. She waited until halfway through her second term as Senator before deciding to run for President. Unlike Obama, who’s a baby by comparison, having not even completed his first term as Senator.
Now let’s take look at Barack Obama.
First, he’s born on a 4 day. As a 4 he can be an enigma to people. With the middle name Hussein, a childhood in Hawaii and Jakarta, Indonesia, and a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, he definitely fits the bill of an enigma. You can’t pigeonhole the guy. He won’t let you. In fact most people don’t know he’s a Muslim. Because Obama knows this fact wouldn’t fare well in the U.S. right now. Look at Kennedy. People swore he’d never make it to the White House because he was a baptized Catholic.
If Obama can find a new or unusual way to do something, he’ll use it. As a result, he can shock others. It may even seem to people like he’s deliberately trying to shock them. Well, he probably is. Like when he said at a debate in June that he’ll meet with any leader in the world – even controversial leaders, something Clinton won’t do.
As a 4 Obama can be ahead in his ideas and approaches. He has an intuitive talent, for knowing what will happen tomorrow, today. Very useful in politics.
He’s quite unconventional. He really believes, what you conceive in your mind can be manifested in reality. If he is told that something is impossible, he’ll make sure to prove that it IS possible.
Obama is an advocate of change when it comes to the arts or politics. The other side of the 4 is that he’s reluctant to change his personal habits. This makes him stubborn, especially when people try to mold him into a more conservative persona. Obama doesn’t care one iota for class distinctions, and never wants to impress anyone.
Barack Obama’s has a wonderful Life Purpose Number for a leader, a 29/11. It is a Master Number signifying strength, power and creativity.
His current name resonates to 17/8, another fabulous number signifying someone who’s name will live long after he passes on.
As for the race between Clinton and Obama.
In a future newsletter I’ll look at both these candidates currently active vibrations. Including letters in their name that are active during election year and what cycle, or personal year, they are in. These two factors will play a major role in who becomes the Democratic candidate.
As for my numerological take – it’s a draw right now. They both have positives and negatives. Much depends on next year’s active numbers.
One thing to always remember is – politicians may not be the happiest people on the planet. They think they have to do things that most folks wouldn’t be willing to do – in order to win. So their numbers aren’t necessarily mostly positive. Being in politics is tough. Unless you’re extremely wealthy and don’t have to cow-tow.
As far as your personal life goes, whoever the next President of the U.S. is won’t affect your life much.
What DOES affect you day in and out is your current name. Your friends and colleagues use it every day. You hear it and read it every day. Knowing what your name signifies will explain what mysterious forces are at play in your life right now. It’s why investing in your personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.
Go now and see how your numbers stack up.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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