It all began in 2011. The focus on our relationships to each other – personal, business and larger community – was magnified last year.

Now in 2012 we are being prompted to embrace Freedom in our relationships, like never before.

Freedom defines you. It is who you are.

Without freedom there is no love.

2+0+1+2 = 5

5 is the pivot point number. It symbolizes Freedom and Risk. In 2012 we must let go of our urge to control our relationships. Yet often the demands and restrictions we place on others go unnoticed by us.

This is because the restrictions we place on others mirror the restrictions we put on ourselves.

When you truly love, you are setting free. Yet so often we try to capture love with pre-conditions. We set limits. We control, we don’t set free.

In setting limitations and demands, we forget – Love, Freedom, Joy… they are all one and the same. There is no way you can feel happy if you limit yourself or others.

When you love someone you enter into the most profound experience. You are saying, “I love you” and “I want for you what YOU want for you.”

If you say, “I want for you what I want for you” you are not loving that person, you are limiting their life. Many relationships go on like this for a while, but eventually getting what you want as opposed to what your partner wants for him or herself causes a separation.

Here’s the thing.

You might be afraid to let go and allow others to do what they feel is right. Your deepest fear is that they may choose to leave the relationship. You have set limitations to keep them close to you on your terms. Yet, once you set your partner free, the opposite happens. He or she begins to live freely and fully. When there are no restrictions, your partner is happy. And this is the essence of love.

The human heart always knows when it is being asked to be less.

Love does not say “no”. Love says “Yes”.

Notice how 2012 is a cycle beginning with 2 and ending with 2. Number 2 symbolizes relationships, cooperation, communication.

In between the two 2’s framing 2012 we have the 0 and 1.

0 and 1 are the building blocks of life.

0 represents the female, 1 the male – literally and figuratively.

Computer code is based on 0’s and 1’s.

1 and 0 represent the Alpha and Omega. The straight line and the circle form the building blocks of sacred geometry.

So this year, we are being asked to authentically relate to each other. To communicate truth and to do so in the spirit of cooperation. This goes for groups and countries as well.

A profound yearning for Peace is being enabled worldwide.

All is happening under the flag of Freedom – the number 5.

As your perspective and beliefs about love shift, remember to live authentically.

For example, after you release your partner or family member from restrictions, they might choose to do something that you refuse to adapt to.

Let’s say your partner starts smoking or insists on playing loud music. You know you can’t live with smoke or noise. Now, instead of judging your partner and making them feel something is wrong with him, you simply tell him you love him and that it does not work for you to have smoke or loud noise in your presence.

Be completely authentic about your feelings without judging their behavior.

If your partner persists, you can tell him or her you will probably have to move out – at the same time letting him or her know you love them.

This ensures you give your partner the freedom to make his or her own choice. You are not setting an ultimatum FOR them. You are living your truth and letting them know your truth gently.

Freedom allows us to take full responsibility for our actions without feeling judged.

Freedom brings transparency. Love ends power struggles.

Freedom and Love are a decision.

This is the underlying message of 2-01-2.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Coming shortly – a wonderful resource on how to THRIVE in 2012. Stay tuned!

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