One of the enduring images of Hurricane Sandy is the crane collapsing on one of the tallest buildings in New York City due to high wind gusts.

The crane is attached to “One57”, a luxury apartment tower under construction in midtown Manhattan.

This brings up the important topic of addresses.

One57 lies at 157 W. 57th Street.

This gives the building a 157 address.

1+5+7 adds up to 13. Now this number has gotten a bad rap for centuries. In a birth blueprint, the number 13 is not negative at all. In fact it allows for tremendous insights, genius and power.

However, when it comes to a street address, the number 13 is not recommended because it attracts sudden, unforeseen events.

Another layer of collapsed crane building is that it occurred on W. 57th Street.

57 adds up to 12 – this too is a number I don’t recommend for addresses, since it can attract victimization.

So for this building the 13 combined with the 12 creates a precarious recipe in numerology.

Living on W. 57th street with a fortunate, stable address (and condo number) and a fortunate current name negates the effect of the number 57. This is very important to understand.

However, as always, in combination, two or more  challenging numbers will magnify the effect on a person or business.

The numbers you surround yourself with carry specific meanings. They affect your personal, professional and financial life – whether you are aware of them or not.

As always, you must look at the complete picture.

We tend to separate everything – losing sight of the whole. When getting perspective on any situation, always take everything into account.

The Divination Art of Numerology allows you to delve into the frequency codes that influence your life.

Being aware is the first step towards building a secure foundation for success, happiness and abundance.

One incredible way to ensure you don’t attract unnecessary obstacles is to make sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number. A challenging name number will distract you from your purpose and destiny and slow you down.

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  1. Yogesh Neupaane November 28, 2012 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Dear Tania,
    Your informations on website is truely amazing. I happened to look on your blog on May 2007 and as I was going through I found out that the name I had been using previously was not matching with my life path number and since yesterday was 39/12/3 personal day I changed my name to ” YOGESH NEUPAANE ” because I am a 25/7 birthpath and my lifepath number is 27/9. I found lots of positive changes. Thank you so much once again for your information.

    Yogesh Neupaane

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