One question I get asked repeatedly is – how old is the science of numerology.
Well, it depends on whom you ask. Here’s an interesting observation by a reader from India.

“I read thru the details in your website. I have learnt about the Chaldean Method of Numerology, as only this method is followed in India. I would like to know more about the Pythagorean method. In my country people changing their names to Chaldean method are also doing well.
“So, how do we come to a conclusion which method is sucessful. The top bollywood stars, singers, musicians, politicians & business men are successful with using their names in Chaldean method.”
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Juanita, you bring up an important point. In the West, the Pythagorean approach is used most frequently. The results are so accurate that most Western numerologist don’t feel a need to use or supplement with the Chaldean system.
But I have come to see that this may not be the wisest of decisions. First let’s look at where Chaldean Numerology originates. Its existence is far older than the Pythagorean version made famous by the great Greek mathematician, musician and philosopher Pythagoras. In fact he studied Numerology in Egypt, with Jewish mystics in Judea, in Chaldee and with spiritual teachers in India and other parts of the East.
Numerology has been around for over 11,000 years, at least since the beginning of recorded history – most likely longer.
So what differentiates Chaldean from Pythagorean Numerology? The Chaldean system assigns the numbers to the letters in our alphabet by the SOUND each letter makes. This way the vibration of the letter matches the vibration of the number.
About half of the alphabet has the same numbers assigned as in the Pythagorean System. But the rest of the letters have different number vibrations. The result, especially concerning the CURRENT name you are using, can be quite profound.
For all my clients who want to change their names, or who are in the public eye as authors, performers, leaders or business people, I am now using both systems when advising them on this important matter. I also use both systems when a client wants to know whether the title for his or her book, song, film, business name and product is a good one or not.
As with everything, the more you know, the better off you are. And the Chaldean system has a lot to offer concerning the name you use right now.
Learn the full story on your name’s vibration and a lot more by getting your personal Numerology Blueprint.
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Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Our daughter Clara changed her name to Claire, so the kids in her class would have an easier time with pronunciation. Clara has the ‘Ah’ sound a little foreign to Americans, especially down South. Of course I checked FIRST to make sure her new full name was a good one. It passed with flying colors using both the Pythagorean and Chaldean number system. Now it’s time to go check YOUR name.

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  1. Cher Roblin July 13, 2015 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Yes, please, what 9 year cycle am I in, and what number I’m I in for 10/24/1949.

  2. Cher Roblin July 13, 2015 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    Yes, please, what 9 year cycle am I in, and what number I’m I in for 10/24/1949. This website doesn;t seem to be working. I can’t put my name in, it won’t take it and the page is unavailable.

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