In many numerologists eyes the numbers 7 and 9 are not harmonious.

Actually they connect to each other in a very empowering way. This is where seemingly two opposite numbers actually create amazing opportunities for us.

The Law of Opposites is at work in us every day. And today is a great example:

– 11.9.2012 adds up to 16/7.

– November is a 7 Universal Month.

– Today is the 9th, a number of unconditional love.

7, a Mind Number, represents learning and listening, and 9, a Feeling Number, fosters unconditional love. As I said, 7 and 9 are viewed as being in conflict with each other.

Look at the images of 7 and 9.

Notice how 7 is made up of two straight lines, one moving diagonally up into the heavens and the other moving off to the left in a horizontal line.

Now imagine the 7 transforming into a 9. And 9 turning back into a 7.

Number 9 also has a main ‘spine’ moving from the earth to the heavens on the right side and a circle going off to the left.

9 is rounded. 7 is straight.

In combination they represent your powerful, incisive mind – with its ability to make brilliant insights (7 even looks like a lightning rod) – and divine wisdom, love and compassion.

7 = brilliant intuitive insights

9 = unconditional love and wisdom

What a transcendent combination they create for us today!

In fact, throughout November you have a chance to “see through” all your thoughts and beliefs with laser-like focus.

1. Really pay attention now to thoughts that have held you ‘hostage’ in poverty consciousness! Renounce these thoughts today and claim your rightful place as a Divine Being

Our belief in lack keeps fueling our separation from our Source. Believing in your soul’s mortality separates you from the Source. The result of this self-imposed separation opens up the door for others and your environment to have power over you.

2. Listen to your intuition – your true connection to your Soul.

Most people have strong subconscious beliefs about being unworthy of receiving abundance. So they slave away trying to amass a form of ‘security’ – to save for a ‘rainy day’.

Our core beliefs about money interfere with our ability to create abundance in every part of our life.

3. Shift your beliefs with passion and watch your life take on a completely different meaning…

The FIRST step towards manifesting abundance in all areas of your life is to understand how you resist it!

Know your personal abundance code.

The Abundance Blueprint is a personal road map created specifically for you using YOUR personal numbers code as a guide to creating success and happiness.

Use your code to open up the gates to Abundance!

With Abundance and Love,

Tania Gabrielle

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