AstrologyNumerology March 1 New MoonWith the New Moon on March kicking off our 10/1 Universal Month of new beginnings, plus FOUR planets changing directions, there is pressure on us to shift.

Two planets (Jupiter and Mercury) move forward as two others (Mars and Saturn) go retrograde.

This shifting in opposite directions brings unpredictability.

Perspectives are changing. Goals are being realigned. All the while we are moving closer to a big game-changing astro-numerology event in April mid April.

I cover this event, along with the rest of the 2014 code and your personal cycles in great depth here. Make sure you watch this special 3-hour webinar!

Watch closely what's coming up for you. Pay attention. Everything is fluid right now. Focus on what brings VALUE. Not what others, including the media, are telling you is valuable.

Value is defined by what uplifts, educates and elevates your life.

Are you BEING the highest version of yourself? Are you MOTIVATED by what fulfills you or by others' expectations that have nothing to do with who you are?

It is important to understand that the number 1 for March inspires motivation, beginnings, confidence and breakthroughs. 1 is about the sovereign entity and independent person.

1 is a number of determination.

Number 1’s quest for independence can activate annexation, such is happening in Crimea right now. “Number 1” is a term winners use, but it can also stimulate over-confidence as we’re seeing with President Putin right now. It is the number of single-mindedness.

As my forecast video for March explains, there is an escalation of energy occurring now which really magnifies as we move into mid April.

The world is feeling the pressure as indicated by the precarious Ukraine crisis.

Remember – 2014 is about two numbers:

A 7 Universal Year of breakthroughs and inspiration

And 14/5, number of media, communication and the unexpected.

7 and 14/5 in combination bring great clarity as well as change. Change can lead to instability if serenity and inspiration don’t inform the essence of communication.

Plus – in March the number 1 combines with numbers 5 and 7.

So March’s 1 Universal Month completes the 1-5-7 numerology triad. 1 sets up the ACTION and CREATIVITY of this triad.

You'll definitely want to focus on staying grounded. Use the number 1 to unleash your creativity – being creative always expands your inner confidence.Energies are changing rapidly. Balance and calm will allow you to make a positive shift.

In a calm state, any pressure can be played with… and create opportunity.

All successful people know: Every time the tides change, opportunities are enhanced!

Pressure motivates. Pressure is not bad at all – it is a TOOL that wakes us up so we discover our infinite creative resources and untapped capabilities. Without pressure, we stay stagnant.

If anything, now is the perfect moment to get creative and move your life forward!

But first you must know the TIMING and MEANING of your personal cycles.

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This is a powerful time to expand and grow!

Love and Blessings,


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