This weekend's New Moon at 19° Capricorn is the Happy New Year Moon – as new beginnings get big boost!

Start your intentions in earnest now – it's the Perfect time to lay the foundation for lasting, deep, healing, fortunate changes.

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This Capricorn New Moon is conjunct Pluto and trine Jupiter!

At this moment you are purging what no longer resonates with you vibrationally,  a rebirth brings you great new clarity and ultimately, the utmost peace of mind.

On 1.9. we have a New Moon at 19° (Americas) – on a 19 Universal Date.

On 1.10 is the New Moon at 19° (rest of world) – on an 11 Universal Date.

We are in a 10/1 Universal Month and a 9 Universal Year.

This exclusive code, made up ONLY of 1s and 9s, means…there is no turning back.

You have arrived at the precipice, a BIG Shift:

1s and 9s are hold the space for Endings – Beginnings. Releasing – Birthing, Letting Go – Welcoming new energy into your life.

You are creating a vacuum for NEW unimaginable possibilities for yourself right now… of bliss, of ecstasy… and in particular of freedom from old programming!

Be at peace with the changes that Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation, brings into your consciousness now.

You have a deep knowing of how to proceed.

And with the 19° Sun and Moon creating a beautiful trine to Jupiter, the Opportunity for success is enhanced tremendously.

19 is the Prince of Heaven Number, symbolizing the Sun, and today the symbolism of LIGHT expanding within you elicits a deep recognition that you have infinite resources.

If you are hurting about something, just know that your mind will pocket the feeling of the memory and it will be unveiled and healed.

The healing comes from embracing the experience, studying it, looking at it not burying it, not disconnecting.

Focus on conscious empowerment now.

Be consciously engaged with your life, your decisions your joys and sorrows, your challenges and celebrations.

Happiness is not for tomorrow, happiness for NOW.

Jupiter and Pluto – are creating joy through conscious empowerment.

Today’s New Mew Moon is creating a rebirth within you… when you can hold up the mirror and see a reflection of the sea and the stars, the flowers and trees, the sun and the moon. When you play creatively again, sweetly, joyfully, innocently through the eyes of a child.

Take the clarity that this New Moon at 19° Capricorn brings today and be clear on what fulfills you!

Clearing brings clarity – and gifts you with happiness.

Happy New Moon!

Love and Blessings,


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