I'm a non-fiction person so I'm not familiar with John Updike's books and stories, but I've certainly heard about him.

When Updike passed away yesterday I took a mental note that it was the 27th. Only this morning did I realize the significance of the number.

That's when I realized John Updike's Life Purpose Number is 27. Here again we see the correlation between a major personal event with one of his main personal numbers. This means Upike left most likely felt at peace with his life. His Life Purpose was fulfilled.

John Updike will definitely be remembered. His current name adds up to 17/8 – the ‘Immortality Number'. Another great writer, Samuel Clemens also benefits from this immortality vibration – as ‘Mark Twain.'

Yesterday news broke about NY financier Nicholas Cosmo.

Cosmo was arrested yesterday. Another crook on Wall Street who created a ponzi scheme – where early investors are paid with the money of new clients.

Sounds eerily like the package proposed inside the Beltway right now. Keep in mind ‘Capitol Hill' does add up to 12/3, the Victim number.

As for Nicholas Cosmo, he has a truly challenging 52/7 name. So it's not surprising to hear he's already served time in prison for felony fraud and swindle. Why he still had customers is beyond me. One investor testified that Cosmo was ‘staggeringly smooth.'

‘Agape World', Cosmo's company did give him power – it is a 26/8 name. However the 26 includes ‘fateful' events and is Not a personal or business name number I recommend to my clients.

Did you hear about John Coleman, the Cleveland firefighter who was suspended from his band for giving a nod and a wave to President Obama.

Fortunately ‘John Coleman' has a 10/1 ‘Instant Manifestation' name. Which means he can take advantage of his newfound fame by remaining positive and pro-active. Notice he shares the SAME name with Weather Channel founder, John Coleman. A very interesting guy himself.

While we're on the topic of good names, ‘The Weather Channel' adds up to the fabulous number 15/6. No wonder it's been such a huge success.

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Tania Gabrielle

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