Yesterday I pointed out the numbers for September 17, 2998 in relation to the New York Stock Exchange.

The NYSE was ‘born' on May 17, 1792. Many numbers are being activated in relation to this date during September – yesterday in particular.

What I didn't mention is that the NYSE has a 32/5 Life Purpose Number. When you read my upcoming book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success', you will see the relevance of this number to the United States.

Amazingly the U.S. ALSO has a 32/5 Life Purpose. 32/5 symbolizes political leadership, adventure, risk and change. 5 is also the ‘Salesperson Number.'

The often used name ‘America' adds up to 32/5 too in the Pythagorean System, meaning 32/5 is America's Destiny. Amazingly in the Chaldean system I use for current names, ‘America' is a 17/8.

This means, the NYSE and the U.S. are very connected. In fact their respective Personal Numerology Blueprints have so many numbers in common, including the fateful 4s and 8s, that they depend and rely on each on a deeply profound level.

What could I possibly mean by that. After all they are not people. That's true, and yet both are made alive BY people.

When Americans collectively think and feel a certain way, the NYSE responds. And vice versa. One reflects the other. A big swing in one direction due to confidence, strength, recklessness or fear will be reflected emotionally in both.

Yesterday this numbers recipe was strongly activated.  

As I pointed out, the Personal Year and Month for the NYSE right now is a Double 5. So the 17/8 Day, 8 Soul AND 32/5 Life Purpose were all magnified.  Amazingly two additional numbers were too. So were two other numbers they share.

This means, within just their blueprints alone, five of six numbers were in play on September 17, 2008.

You heard from me yesterday a few hours before the closing bell.

When I checked the numbers last night I was stunned. Maybe you noticed this too.

The DOW was down 449 points. Add those digits and you get another 17/8. Finally, when you add the full number of yesterday' decline – 449.36 – another 8 emerges, namely 26/8. It was definitely a fateful day on Wall Street yesterday.

Notice I haven't looked at the current names for the NYSE yet. Well, it comes as no surprise to report the following.

‘NYSE' adds up to a 14/5 in the Chaldean system. Another 5 – risk, adventure, ability to sell and buy – a perfect fit. 14 is also the Media Number ensuring newspapers, radio, magazines and tv shows will always be intimately involved – even to the point of driving the market.

The current name for the full name – ‘New York Stock Exchange' is 16/7.

16 represents reaching a high place with a crown on your head, being suddenly hit by lightning, and falling. Another apt description.  That possibility is lurking in people's minds whenever they invest their funds in stocks and bonds. And the market has certainly been an up and down experience with sudden reversals.

The 14/5 and 16/7 names are a great description. Many investers love going along for the ride. And with that 17/8 Day of Birth, the ride can certainly be lucrative.

Looking at current name numbers for you and your children I certainly would never recommend the 16/7.

‘John Edwards' is a 16 name. And so is ‘Abraham Lincoln.' Both men certainly reached great heights only to be cut down.

So make sure the name you use every day is fortunate. Go to

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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