The Golden Globes give out trophies for both movies and television. As expected HBO swept up the most awards on Sunday evening.

Why does this movie cable network do so well when it comes to miniseries and movies? It's actually very simple.

The name HBO adds up to 14 – the Media Number.

And since the Golden Globes are nominated by members of the Foreign Press, it's no wonder HBO does so well.

The unique nature of HBO original programming is directly related to the 5 that 14 reduces to. HBO isn't afraid of risky subjects, emotional and intellectual adventure – remember ‘Six Feet Under' – and to create programs with flair. In fact, 14 is also great for gambling. So it's a lucky number as well.

When the risk-taking 5 is coupled with the media and publishing number 14 – you have yourself a winner.  And HBO is no exception. Neither is ‘Angelina Jolie' another media mogul with the Media Name.

14/5 signifies magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing, the internet and all media-related outlets. It happens to be a great name number for anyone. Even if you're not directly involved in the media.

Here's another example of someone who gets top rankings in Hollywood – ‘Nicole Kidman'. She has a 14/5 current name too.

So does ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger' – bodybuilder turned Hollywood icon turned California governator.

14/5 covers writing and publishing as well. The main author of the Declaration of Independence, ‘Thomas Jefferson', had a 14/5 name.

When President Kennedy welcomed 49 Nobel Prize winners to the White House in 1962 he said, ‘I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent and of human knowledge that has ever been gathered together at the White House – with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.'

What do Angelina, Nicole, Arnold and Jefferson have in common. They are intriguing. They can surprise us with their choices. They're not afraid to take risks. They have a magnetic presence.

The same goes for HBO – a giant in the vast land of cable tv.

And which former politician running for President gets his very own one-hour weekly TV show. ‘Mike Huckabee' a man with a 14/5 Media Number name.

These numbers are active, whether you know it or not. And most people don't. Nevertheless, their Personal Blueprints and current name numbersare setting the tone right NOW.

Take your life to a whole new level by knowing what your personal numbers mean and how they are affecting you.

Especially since the ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report comes as a gift with your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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