For the last few days I have tuned into the name and numbers for Hurricane Gustav. Now it's time to share what I found.

I know many of you want to know more about McCain's surprise running mate pick, Sarah Palin – and I will get to that next week – however this storm needs to be addressed now.

Take note that news of Hurricane Gustav is reaching us right in the middle of the Democratic and Republican conventions. Gustav became major news yesterday, August 29, the exact anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's hit on New Orleans.

As it happens, yesterday was also John McCain's 72nd birthday. Not only that, the August 29 day also ties in directly to Barack Obama's Life Purpose, which is 29.

Due to these numbers and in particular the information I am about to share, I foresee a devastating direct or near direct hit on New Orleans and vicinity. So, if you live near New Orleans or up the Mississippi river, please pack up and leave.

‘Hurricane Gustav', interestingly another Germanic name like Hurricane Katrina, adds up to 8. This makes the storm very, very powerful. Remember 8 is the number of infinity, so the strength of this storm could be immense.

The 8 also creates a fateful quality. I believe all the levees will be affected and that the current residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas will not return for months or longer.

Consider that the name ‘Gustav' alone gives fuel to the likely calamity. ‘Gustav' has an 18/9 Destiny Number and a 23/5 current name. What does this mean. Well, remember that the big earthquake in China and the typhoon in Burma both struck on 18/9 days in May.

9 brings endings, release and change. 18 in the Chaldean system is about spiritual and material conflict. In fact, surrounding world events, this number specifically warns about danger from the elements, such as fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, lightning and hurricanes.

And the 23/5 current name, shows that this disaster will affect many people. 5 represents crowds, risks, freedom and adventure. The 23 ties right into the Blueprint for the U.S. which has a 32/5 Life Purpose. Even the name ‘America' is a 32/5.

This means the whole country will be affected by the effects of Hurricane Gustav.

And just like nominating Sarah Palin was a turning point in McCain's bid for the White House, Hurricane Gustav will hit right at the beginning of September, the 9th month of a 1 Universal Year. I will reveal more about the significance of this timing next week.

The history of numbers and names for Gustav tell a compelling story.

Tropical Storm Seven, also known as '94L' turned into Tropical Storm Gustav on August 25, 2008. The 7th depression was also known by a name '94L' which adds up to 16/7. 16 is a number of transformation often accomplished through some kind of upheaval. August 25, 2008 ALSO adds up to a 7 Day activating the 16/7 even more.

Notice that the 94 in '94L' reduces to 13/4 establishing a fateful connection with the 8 name for ‘Hurricane Gustav.'

Gustav intensified from a tropical depression on August 25 to a Category 1 hurricane on August 26 in just 16 hours, tying Hurricane Humberto's record. Again notice the double 7s in 25/7 and 16/7 and the 26th of August – another fateful 8 connection to Hurricane Gustav's 8 name.

Additionally there are these stunning connections to Katrina which struck same area of the Gulf Gustav is heading to right now.

Unbelievably, the name ‘Katrina' also adds up to 16/7. This creates a mirroring effect to the birth of ‘Gustav.' And the day Katrina struck New Orleans and Mississippi was a 26/8 Day. Do you see all the mirroring of numbers here.

Another clue is this. The name for New Orleans also shows the fateful relationships to both hurricanes. You see, ‘New' is a 16/7 and ‘Orleans' a 17/8.

As a numerologist, I see these connections not as coincidences but clues. Occasionally clues become warnings, which I believe to be the case with Hurricane Gustav.

If you live in New Orleans it goes without saying that you should leave. If you live within 200 miles of this area as well as up along the Mississippi River, where I believe the storm is going to continue, I also would seriously consider packing up your most important items and finding higher ground.

Because of the numbers connected to Gustav I believe its damage will be greater than Katrina's. The intensity of the storm will be closer to category 5 than Katrina's category 3.

More on Gustav on Monday. Also keep an eye out for tropical storm Hanna in the Atlantic.

Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Labor Day,

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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