Love and Gratitude.pngCurrent news stories are en-lightening us about totally outmoded approaches when it comes to healthy vs. inappropriate intimate relationships.

All at once we are hearing of Herman Cain, the Syracuse basketball coach Jerry Fine and Jerry Sandusky at Penn State – old ways are being exposed in order to make room for a brand new human experience on Earth.

These news events seem unrelated, however during this particular moment in time everything is magnified – hence we are hearing many similar news stories at once.

Shedding Light in many places at once ensures that we pay attention and change.

Enlightenment can come at any time and with any experience – it is a way of life, achieved from moment to moment.

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach accused of sexually abusing boys over a 14-year period, has come up against personal numbers this year that would have shifted his life in a big way, no matter what.

Notice how the number 13 is being triggered in a big way for Sandusky:

1. He is 67 years old — and 67 reduces to 13.

2. Sandusky's Personal Year is 13.

3. His birth name adds up to 85 — which reduces to 13.

13 cycles bring unexpected shifts. Shifts often cause upheaval in order for new ground to be broken.

Withmhis 13 Destiny, his 8 Day of Birth and 9 Life Purpose, Jerry Sandusky has a trio of Power Numbers at his disposal. However, he used his power for selfish reasons, and now the 13 in his life is setting the record straight.

This is a natural law of the 13 – the number of life, death and transformation.

In fact, as I just taught at my live event 2012: Your Spiritual Pivot Point, during the next years this special number will be felt in all its true, deeply spiritual and powerful glory, as we move away from superstition and fear to self-empowerment and self-understanding.

With Sandusky's 67/13 age and 13 Personal Year, he has no choice but to face the truth. As already mentioned, this is especially true now, as ALL is exposed in order for humanity to transform.

Another important number has influenced Sandusky's life… his current name.

‘Jerry Sandusky' adds up to 18/9.

Names that add up to 13 carry the most challenging symbolism – materialism destroying
the spiritual side of nature. This often results in bitter quarrels within the family and using conflict to gain power.

A fortunate name frequency would have helped Sandusky gain clarity and focus over
his negative tendencies. Instead, his challenging current name perpetuated negatives.

Same goes for Bernie Fine, the former Syracuse basketball coach accused of similar indecencies.

‘Bernie Fine' adds up to 12 in the Chaldean Numerology System I use for current names.
12 is the ‘Victim' number and indicates he feels victimized and/or victimizes others in some way.

love heart with hands.pngLike Jerry Sandusky, Bernie Fine also has a 27/9 Life Purpose Number. This is the number of the humanitarian – the one who expresses Unconditional Love. In our society Love has been misconstrued to mean many things it mostly isn't. Thus the opposite of Love is often expressed in the guise of being love.

Now the light is shining on all of us. 2011 opened the gateway to an enlightened humanity one based on respect, honor and love.

A simple question is being asked.

Are you happy, or unhappy? If you're not happy, are you willing the look within to correct course and move through your fears?

If you are happy and at peace, are you supporting others in their journey?

Just know that the light will shine on you ANYWAYS – it must, in order for you to ‘see the light'. So why not take matters into your own hands?

Knowing all will be revealed is actually the best news!

Do what it takes to clear the clutter from your life. After all, 2011 reduces to 4 – the number of order, discipline and honesty. Make the phone calls you need to, meet up with the people you have been wanting to talk to, write the email that's been waiting in the wings…

Then be AMAZED as you welcome in the new!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Always make sure you have a fortunate name. Especially now. The Is My Name Fortunate? Report comes as a gift with your ‘Personal Numerology Blueprint' – the most comprehensive report about your life there is.

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