The last time this happened was 18
years ago.


And, for the first time again,
until the year 2016, the full moon will occur less than one hour apart from the
exact time the moon makes its closest approach to the Earth – called the


A rare phenomenon happening a few
hours before the Spring Equinox.


This means that the Syzygy – where
the sun, moon and Earth line up – and the Perigee, occur at the SAME time right
at the onset of Spring. What powerful symbolism that is.


So, this coming week will be
especially potent.


Equally important are the numbers
for this particular astronomical event.


I looked at the Universal Time for
both the Perigee and Syzygy, which occur within less than an hour of each other
on March 19. I was stunned at what I found.


Tomorrow's full moon is exact at
18:11 pm UTC.


Tomorrow's Perigee – moon closest
to Earth – occurs at 19.10 pm UTC.


What do both times add up to? The
number 11.


Add all the single digits in 18:11.
Do the same for 19:10. Both times your sum will be 11.


Of course, Japan's devastating
earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster were all triggered on March 11, 2011.


11 symbolizes a contradiction.
Creating a state of balance out of division.


When an earthquake fissure is
triggered, it releases stress – and creates a balance of energy. This is the
ebb and flow of life. Without change, we would not be alive.


The fact that this same number 11
is repeating in a rare astronomical event this weekend, heightens its effect. Again,
this kind of Perigee/Syzygy has not occurred in 18 years and will not happen
again until 2016.


With the onset of Spring just
hours later, we have a powerful convergence of frequencies.


Spring symbolizes renewal.


What an incredible opportunity to
renew yourself by releasing unresolved issues. Ask yourself, ‘How do I
truthfully feel about my life?'


Accept your inner Knowing. Trust it.


precedes all experience. Take this moment in time to create your reality
consciously and joyously.


Much is being shaken up with
these numbers. Change is inevitable, especially now, so don't resist it. Take a
deep breath and look at each event head-on. Accepting the truth transforms each
moment into an opportunity.


That is how to remain balanced
– the lesson of the 11. Accept change as a constant in your life, bend with it,
welcome it – and you flourish like the beautiful flowers of Spring.


Acceptance is the first step
towards creating success.


This is one of the secrets of
living. What you look at will BE. In BEING, it has LIVED. In having LIVED it
has resolved.


Look and you shall see. Turn
away and you will stagnate.


Ignoring what IS, denying what
IS will actually create what you are trying to deny. Accepting what is and
dealing with it head-on changes everything, because you are moving through it.


Move through the 11 gateway.
Keep moving, even if you would rather resist.


What you refuse to see will
just grow stronger. What you accept will dissipate, transmute and allow you to
step into freedom.


Our greatest fear when it comes
to change is that we loose control. Yet the opposite is true. Once you accept
what is true, you are given the strength to change it. If you deny it, you have
given your inner strength away.


Merge as One with your soul and
move through the 11 gateway.


In 2011 we are all on the fast
track towards freedom. Freedom from fear and freedom from guilt.


To help you ‘move', take daily
walks if you can. Breathe in the beauty around you. Smile. Make your whole day
a meditation.


Just as the Earth is going
through major changes at a fast-paced rate, just as people everywhere are
joining together to stand up against control and tyranny, so YOU are being
given this opportunity to walk through the 11 gateway.


Bless everyone and every
experience that comes your way. Claim each experience and make it your own. Allow
nothing and no one to control you.


As you walk through the two 1
pillars, you reunite with your soul.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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