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Fame and Drama are the two driving
forces in Lindsay Lohan's life.


So it's no surprise that Lohan is
going to jail for three months beginning today for missing alcohol counseling
sessions in violation of her probation.


Right now Lindsay is experiencing
the number 12. Any 12 Personal Year or Month always brings opportunities for
learning. For Lindsay, this has obviously been a challenge.


Any 12 Personal Year or Month always
brings opportunities for learning. For Lindsay, this has obviously been a


Ignoring your lessons results in
being a victim.


It is why the number 12/3 is
also referred to as the ‘Victim' number. Many people, Lohan included, are not
willing to change their ways and grow.


And the 3 following the 12 adds plenty of
Drama to the equation.


For Lindsay Lohan, a 12/3 Personal
Year brings even more challenges.


This is because her current name ‘Lindsay
Lohan' adds up to 39/12. It means, her name easily brings on victimization


Since Lohan's 12 name is coupled
with her 12 Personal Year right now, the victim aspect of this number is even
more intense. So it is no surprise that she is going to jail at this moment in
time. Living behind bars is a visual symbol of being a victim.


Notice that her jail term is 3
months – reflecting the number 12/3.


The number 3 also connects
directly to Lindsay Lohan's Life Purpose Number – a 33.


Additionally, today is a 21/3
Personal Day for Lindsay. A mirroring effect between two numbers – like 12 and
21 – intensifies the frequency dramatically.


In other words, Lindsay Lohan must
be vigilant.


However, with her 12/3 current
name, Lohan is naturally prone to ignoring other people's negative motives. This
is what victims do so well – ignore all danger signs and self-sabotage their
lives. Being inebriated and drugged doesn't help matters.


There is always a positive to every
number equation. And Lindsay's is no exception.


Lohan is beginning a new 1
Personal Month in July. Any 1 cycle helps you to release old, useless mind
patterns so you can replace them with new, healthy ones. Lindsay has an fantastic
opportunity this month for a new beginning.


With her 12 Personal Year any new start
has to include introspection – In other words, Lindsay must acquire new
knowledge and strength in order to grow and prosper again.


If she understood her current
frequencies, Lohan could breathe a sigh of relief and then start turning her
life around.


But you must know what current
your frequencies mean and how they tie into your birth blueprint.


‘Your Next 12 Months' Report shows you how your current cycles connect to your three most important birth
numbers and what your most powerful Personal Days are for each month.


Stay on top of your life by fully
activating your current cycles in a Positive way.


Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


When you release old mind patterns and replace them with healthy,
positive ones, you naturally tune into your current cycles with strength and
confidence. So use your current numbers to create success. 

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