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With Goldman Sachs in the news
today, I thought it a good time to look at one of this firm's famous former
employees – Hank Paulson.


Paulson's former bank is
implicated with securities fraud. This is the first time that the Securities
and Exchange Commission took action against a Wall Street deal that helped
investors capitalize on the collapse of the housing market. Goldman profited by
betting against the very mortgage investments that it sold to its customers.


This is not untypical behavior on
Wall Street. What IS untypical is that the truth is slowly trickling out via
the media.


More and more of what has been
hidden is being revealed.


Time will tell how Goldman Sachs
will fare. However, Hank Paulson – the former Secretary of the Treasury under
George W. Bush – is going to feel very confronted by this scandal.


Paulson's full name at birth, called
his Destiny Number, adds up to 100/1.


100 makes him powerful, original
and imbues him with a drive to be number 1 in his career. The two zeroes are
very interesting. They give completion and abundance on the one hand. On the
other hand they represent two eyes that can see the truth or use this power to


In 2010 Paulson is in a 16/7
Personal Year. Depending on his previous mind patterns and actions, he will
either be prompted to take a spiritual sabbatical and reevaluate his career, or
he will experience unexpected events that act as a wake-up call.


The reason his 7 cycle will affect
him so much is that he was born on the 28th, a 1 Day. Plus he has that
1 Destiny Number.


1, 5 and 7 form a trilogy and will
always activate each other. So the two important 1's in his birth blueprint are
being triggered during this 16/7 Personal Year for him.


Here is what is important to


16/7 cycles are not ‘bad.' Just
like 23/5 cycles are not ‘good.' If you are in a 16/7 Personal Year or Month or
Day – please keep from being worried.


This number always brings wonderful
opportunities. First and foremost, 16 cycles ask you to release yourself from
negative mind patterns.


This is because 1-5-7 are the Mind
numbers. What you think influences Everything.


So when you have a 16/7 personal
cycle, see it as a great chance for purging mind patterns that are not helping
you grow and prosper.


We all must release right now. Number
16 will allow for a faster, more profound transformation.


The reason many people experience
sudden, challenging events during 7 cycles is that they are not willing to look
within for answers. We are not trained this way. Schools teach children only to
look to the outside solutions to problems.


Though this is an important tool,
it leaves us spiritually and emotionally unbalanced because our greatest source
of truth and healing – our soul, our connection to God-Mind – is neglected.


So all 7 cycles serve a great
purpose. To reconnect you. With your true source.


Welcome this number into your life.
Meet it with an open mind and you will be halfway there to making your 7 cycle
the most extraordinary and transformative moment so far.


There really is no need to be
afraid of any number.


Understanding which numbers are
activating for you right now gives you immense power. You will Know how to
approach the events and feelings coming towards you. You will have a foundation
of knowledge to help you overcome and make your dreams and goals manifest.


Discover the secrets contained in
your name and numbers during the final day of my Spring Sale. There is no
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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle