How Number 7 Affects President Obama

Posted on February 27th, 2009.

As I'm writing this President Obama is about to announce his plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq.

I wanted to see how today's date tied into the President's personal cycles.

I believe he may be amending his withdrawal plan in the future. I see one particular number being activated for Obama in a major way today. This number is significant because it connects directly to his new name – ‘President Obama.'

February 2009 is a 25/7 Personal Month for the President. And today he has a 34/7 Personal Day. This is significant. Since ‘President Obama' adds up to 52/7 in the ancient Chaldean numerology system I use for your current name.

So today his new name is being doubly activated. Let's look more closely at this number.

The 7 indicates he's connecting with people on a deeper level than just politics. ‘President Obama' is viewed by many in the same way a religious leader might be.

7 gives him an air of mystical and spiritual power. He is seen as wise and thoughtful.

The number 52 preceding the 7 is more complex. 52 indicates the possibility of upheaval. It's clear, and this number confirms – President Obama has entered his first term during very challenging times.

When it comes to leaders and countries I look for patterns. I never just rely on one number alone though. Many influences create trends and events. Connecting all the dots is vitally important for any numerologist. My motto is always to ‘follow the numbers.'

So I note that President Obama was elected on a 16/7 Day. As President he held his first news conference on February 9 – again a 25/7 Month and 34/7 Personal Day for him.

I also took note when his first major bill as President amounted to 787 billion – which adds up to 25/7.

President Obama's 52/7 carries a meaning. That meaning gets activated when 7s appear in his daily life. In many ways these early events in his Presidency illuminate the many daunting challenges this young leader is faced with.

Yet, it does not have to be this way. And that is the good news.

What's so wonderful is that YOU are in control of your current name. If need be, you can implement changes to activate a Positive outcome. A fortunate name is key to eliminating negativity and difficulties.

Be sure your current name is assisting and helping you.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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