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Illinois State Senator Roland Burris is trying today to take his seat in the United States Senate after he was appointed by embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

He was denied entry.

Burris' story connects directly to 2009, Barack Obama and the 111th Congress in a fascinating way.

Roland Burris has a 31/4 Life Purpose and is currently in a 22/4 Personal Year. Barack Obama was born on a 4 Day and had his 22/4 Personal Year in 2008.

Notice that the 22/4 cycle activates one of the important numbers in each of their Personal Numerology Blueprints. For Burris this is a good sign.

Except for one thing.

His current name ‘Roland Burris' is a 29/11 in the Ancient Chaledean system. If that number seems familiar – Barack Obama has a 29/11 Life Purpose Number.

However, 29/11 isn't a great vibration to have for a current name. It can create division, as we see happening right now. Burris will always feel a sense of uncertainty and will have to watch his back. Untrustworthy friends can be a challenge. I would never recommend a 29/11 name to my clients.

On another note, Burris has a 10/1 Destiny, again mirroring Barack Obama, the man he is trying to replace. Obama and Burris also share the number 3, a great number for any politician since it indicates the power of self expression.

All in all, Obama and Burris have four numbers in common.

Roland Burris is trying join the 111th Congress convening today – during an 11 Universal Year.

111 is a very powerful number. Both Henry Kissinger and the Ayatollah Khomeini have 111 Destiny Numbers. With power must come wisdom otherwise great division will result. 2009, an 11 Universal Year, ensures that the 111th U.S. Congress will be tested.

Additionally it's important to note the 111th Congress met for its first session on January 6, 2009 – an 18/9 Universal Day.

What do all these numbers indicate.

Profound changes, letting go of the past, grappling with materialism vs. spirituality, transcending deep divisions, a chance to uplift the country, a temptation to deceive, and an opportunity for a major overhaul leading to a brand new beginning. Yes, this is a dramatic recipe of numbers.

So Roland Burris is just a reflection of what's in store for the country – the country he wants to serve. The fact that he's trying to take the very spot President-elect Barack Obama is vacating is fascinating.

The fact that both men are African American and share so many numbers is amazing.

Will Burris succeed. Possibly.

He's in a fantastic Personal Year for him, a number which also ties directly into the United States Blueprint – and yet, he carries the burden of a challenging name.

He's certainly on an adventure right now. No wonder he's taking risks – Burris is in a 5 Personal Month.

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Tania Gabrielle

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