With rain pouring down outside my window, it's as good a time as any to take a look at Friday's bailout numbers.

No matter how you feel about this bailout bill, it's fascinating to see the numbers' story. Especially in relation to Election Day.

The second attempt at ‘rescuing' Wall Street was successful in the House. At least 700 billion of your and my money will go towards helping foreign investors and Wall Street Banksters. An additional 150 bil of non-urgent pork was added on for good measure.

This, when at least 85-95 percent of Americans – more than the majority – were against the bill.

Suffice it to say that the politicians voting ‘yea' get 139 percent more donations from lobbyists representing big business and Wall Street than those who voted ‘nay'. Not 25 percent more. 139 percent more.

Even that number is telling. It reduces to 13/4, the Same number 850 billion adds up to.

It's obvious who is being served with this bill. It's not Americans.

Fortunately a couple of representatives on both sides of the aisle revealed how fear tactics were being wielded in the back rooms of the House of Representatives in order to sway Monday's ‘nays' to ‘yeas'. To say this bill was passed in an environment of whipped-up hysteria and frenzy is an understatement.

Here's one story that mainstream media – owned by the same corporations that own Wall Street – neglected to report.

Last year, in 2007, the five largest investment banks paid themselves 39 billion in bonuses. Five firms.

That very year these same 5 firms LOST their shareholders 75 billion. Yes, that number is correct too. Both 39 and 75 reduce to 12, the Victim Number. This vibration represents both the victimizer and the victim.

We all know whom we're really bailing out. NOT the shareholders but the Banksters. Not just U.S. banks but foreign as well. But you wouldn't necessarily know that from listening to mainstream media preceding Friday's vote.

So, let's look at the numbers.

850 billion reduces to 13/4. And the 700 bil for Wall Street adds up to 7.

Here's how these two numbers tie into Election Day.

The election is slated to take place on November 4, 2008, a 16/7 Universal Date.

The number 16 signifies the U.S. with a crown on her head may be ‘struck by lightning and fall from a high place.' As you can see 16/7 also connects directly to the 700 bil bailout.

Election Day is on the 4th and ties into the 850 billion total passed on Friday, a 13/4 number. Additionally, the U.S. was born on the 4th. Consequently, passing this 13/4 bailout amount will affect everyone who is up for election in November and the U.S. as a whole.

Now let's combine the 13/4 with the 16/7. Seven represents intuition, so the test was to withstand outside pressure. 4 is about keeping an orderly approach, taking things one step at a time. Many, many Representatives and Senators did not even Read the nearly 500 page bill. How could they even Use their inner resources without information.

Imagine rushing to vote for something that affects so many without reading about it first. No hearings, no discussions, no inputs from economists. That's pressure voting.

Do you think the men and women who voted ‘yea' are that careless about how to spend their own money. Not for a minute.

I'm happy to say that there are some very courageous elected members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who voted in line with how their constituents overwhelmingly wanted them to.

As for Wall Street, watch the global markets on Monday. 30 seconds after the bailout passed on Friday the Dow dropped from a high of 300 to minus 150 for the day. That's because the bailout is an arbitrary number. And markets have caught on to a deeper storyline which plays on fear, not confidence or leadership.

It may seem like an odd thing to say, but these are wonderful times to be alive. We're in new territory now. October, an 11 Universal month, will be eventful. The old is giving way for the new, and that always requires birthing pains.

The so-called ‘chaos' you're seeing now is really hidden order.

Numbers don't forecast actual events, yet they do show trends. What I see this month is a particular combination of numbers becoming active during a pivotal and very special time in history.

The best way to transcend hope and fear is by staying completely present. We're all ticket holders on this ride of rapid transformation.

Choose the positive and you will attract positive solutions.

With Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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