New Letter J.png

The first letter in your name provides a clue about some of
your gifts – and lessons.

June and July both begin with the letter J. So does the first month of the
year, January. Since we are in a 10 Universal Month this June, it's a perfect
time to look more closely at ‘J' – the powerful 10th letter of the alphabet.

‘J' looks like a hook and faces to the left.

Left represents the past, so ‘J' has a good hook on the past. J acts like a cup
holding both knowledge and memories well.

If your first or last name begins with a ‘J', you do not like being told what
to do. You are more of a leader than a follower. ‘J' resonates to 10/1 and
wants to manifest at all times. ‘J' is ambitious, creative and original.

‘J's' are daring, and since J sits on a rocker, use caution and know how to
stay grounded.

The words ‘Joy' and ‘Judgment' begin with J, and J's do exude a wonderful joie
de vive. At the same time, J's can be blunt, stubborn and self-important. J's
are very tenacious, inspired, witty and clever.

As the 10th letter of the alphabet J symbolizes ‘Instant Manifestation'.

I'm always amazed at how often J names appear in the bible. From ‘Jesus' to
‘Joseph' and ‘Jacob' to ‘John the Baptist'. Not to mention ‘John the Apostle',
‘Judas', ‘Joshua', ‘Jehova' and ‘Jeremiah'.

Many leaders in all walks of life have names that begin with a ‘J'.

In more recent history we have leaders and stars exhibiting the ‘Instant
Manifestation' power of this letter.

People like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer
Aniston, John F. Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Jay Rockefeller, Jay Leno, Jim Carrey,
Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Wyclef Jean, Bruce Jenner, Mick Jagger, Elton
John, Lyndon Johnson, Magic Johnson, sprinter Florence Griffith Joyner, Carl
Jung, Jerry Brown, director James Cameron, Derek Jeter, Janet Jackson, Jim
Jones, Janis Joplin, James Joyce and Jesse James.

As for the months of June and July, they represent a great time to begin
something. Begin a new project, a new diet, a new exercise regime – a new jump
on life.

And since this particular June in 2011 happens to ALSO be a 10/1 Universal
Month, an especially potent recipe is activated for you right now. Your ability
to instantly manifest your goals is tremendously magnified.

For more on the potent numbers set in motion right now, watch my June 2011
video forecast below and make the most of this big manifestation month.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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