This morning while showering I was tallying the numbers for some countries and organizations. I almost dropped my soap at what I found.

For example, the numbers for FEMA are very telling – the Destiny Number is 16 and the current name 18.

The ancient Chaldeans specifically warned that an 18 name relates to danger from the elements, such as fire, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, lightning and explosions. Isn't that an amazing description for FEMA.

Add the 16 Destiny, and you get the suddenness of these events as well.

Countries in the news today also offer insights. Let's look at the current name numbers for Haiti and Cuba.

I'll look at fortunate names in a minute.

Haiti has been utterly devastated by four successive major hurricanes – Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike. It's clear Haiti needs massive amounts of assistance from this latest disaster.

Why is this third world country so unlucky. Well, for one, Haiti's name could really use a respelling.

The name Haiti adds up to 12, the ‘Victim' Number. This means it's natural for most of Haitians to feel victimized. And they have been for a long time.

Another country with a 12 current name is Cuba. That country has certainly been victimized as well. Now Hurricane Ike is dealing a major blow to Cuba's agriculture and infrastructure. Electricity will be out for weeks. Food will be scarce. It will take Cuba a long time to recover from Ike.

And, this may surprise you, but ‘India' too is a 12 name.

What can be done about it. Either leave the country and move abroad, or know that you are living in a part of the world which will continue to be subjected to events, both political and natural, resulting in a sense of feeling trapped. In India, the ‘victim' feeling may come from a strong cultural belief – being stuck on the wheel of Karma.

Are there countries with fortunate names. Absolutely.

‘Canada' is a country with a highly fortunate 15 name. ‘New Zealand' too is a 15/6 name. ‘America' is the powerful  32/5. ‘United States' is 45/9. Add a ‘The' and for ‘The United States' and you get the 14/5 ‘Media Number' which also ties right into the 32/5 for ‘America.'

The continent of ‘Europe' resonates to the powerful 33/6. Compare that to ‘Africa' which had a challenging 16 current name.

When it comes to foreign names, I have to consider both the English and foreign spelling. I will delve into some important foreign countries in the future.

Here's the great news.

If you have a challenging fortunate name number, changing it will affect your life. Sometimes instantly.

One of my clients changed his current name an 11 to a highly fortunate 27.

He sent me this update.

“Hi Tania,

“I thought I would just pass on that my life has been flying since I changed my name to Samuel B. Hordern. I am now living in my dream apartment, driving a new car and everything is coming together beautifully. I also wanted to tell you how helpful the monthly predictions are in my 2008/09 Blueprint. It really helps me set my goals for the month, I find things go much more smoothly.

“One more thing, last week I met one of Australia's most influential TV producers, and he flipped over the idea I am working on and wants me to send him over my scripts that I have written for the show.

“Thanks again for all your help. It has been invaluable.”

Samuel B. Hordern
Sydney, Australia

I'm so thrilled to hear this Samuel. You've removed all limitations on your life with this name change. Everything will continue to come more easily now. Your success will surpass your dreams. Congratulations.

Now it's your turn to check your current name

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. Notice that Samuel is tuning into next 12 Months as well. By knowing the trends of his future and current cycles, he's able to activate his destiny faster and more easily. For more on your next 12 months, get your 2008/09 Blueprint.

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