Transcend Fear.pngAround the world, we can see the intense numerology for August in action. In London, Somalia, Israel, the U.S. and the world markets … the heat is escalating as we approach the last third of 2011 and move into the Big Shift in 2012.

CNN said of yesterday's Dow closing down 634 points, “Fear just gripped the investors.” 634 points adds up to 13/4 – a sudden shift and transformation.

“Fear” always crops up when change is knocking on our door.

Let's look at the word FEAR closely. Understanding the numerology for “fear” will help dissipate the emotional rollercoaster generated in the media right now.

Notice that Fear begins with the letter F, which faces to the Right – the Future.

“Forward” and “Future” also begin with “F”.

That's a clue!

The letters E and R in FEAR also face forward, with R literally moving with one leg into the future.

So fear is actually a tool to help you create your future!

Fear resonates to 16/7 in the Chaldean system and 21/3 in the Pythagorean system.

This makes fear mental, as showcased in the 7, and emotional, as seen in the 3. Fortunately, Fear can serve a very useful function.

But you must Focus on what you fear closely in order to move through it.

Fear of anything or anyone means – pay attention to me.

Focusing closely on what you fear brings clarity, and all the answers you need to move through it.

For example, recently I was confronted with a big life decision. At first, fear of change prevented me from embracing this major transition. Once I made the Final decision to move through my resistance of change and opportunity, all the fear about the future dissipated and changed into happiness and gratitude.

Fear is also a useful survival tool, a lighthouse guiding you to your next action. If your young child runs into the street, fear enables you to instantly act and rescue your child.

So Fear is not to be feared. Fear is a gift.

Unwrap what you are fearing. You'll soon discover that what you fear, is what you must focus on most in order to succeed. You must act… literally move through the gateway. If you don't, you will be paralyzed by worry.

If you suppress what you fear …

1. … you will attract the challenging meaning of 16/7 – a fall from a high place that may paralyze you from moving Fast Forward into the Future.

2. … you will feel like an emotional rollercoaster and be unwilling to see the Truth. These are negative expressions of the number 21/3.

If you embrace your fears, you will attract more opportunity than you could ever imagine.

You will experience…

— 16 in its positive form, embracing unexpected opportunities, which generate prosperity and success.

— 21 as your Personal Truth, experiencing the Joy that comes with implementing your goals.

Fear always creates shifts. A shift is a transformation. Change – sudden or gradual – is neither good nor bad. YOU define how you EXPERIENCE change, every time.

Your life is what you make of it.

So, as the world shifts around you, focus only on who and what supports YOU and your purpose.

Live for TODAY, and you cannot be fearful of the future.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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