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When I recently scanned Aung San
Sun Kyi's life, I got many answers.


Suu Kyi is the Burmese opposition
leader who has been under house arrest for 15 out of the last 21 years. She was
released on November 13th.


Here are just a couple of things I


Suu Kyi has a 12/3 Destiny – or
career number. The 3 gives her great abilities to express herself – helpful for
any politician. However, the 12 indicates that, especially in her career she
will feel like a victim at times. Her house arrest is part of this ‘victim'
activation in her professional life.


I also saw that 2010 is a 19/10/1
Personal Year cycle for Suu Kyi.


Any 1 Personal Cycle signifies new
beginnings – for Suu Kyi, a brand new 9-year cycle has begun.


Also of importance is that the
number 19 is directly reflected in her Day of birth on June 19.


What struck me is this. November,
2010 is a 21/3 Personal Month for Suu Kyi.


Notice how 21 – a highly fortunate
number – is the reverse of 12. So fittingly, this month the course of her 12/3
career/Destiny is reversed.


It happened quite suddenly on the
13th – symbolizing the sudden change in her life.


Your name and numbers are Frequency – and frequency is


Everything you see, hear, touch, smell and feel emits a unique
frequency. Stay in touch with your frequencies at all times to understand how you can remain centered and at peace no matter what is coming your way.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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