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This morning after I woke up, I gave thanks for having high-speed internet service again, after a week of speed akin to dial-up, i.e. the dark ages.

Happiness and Peace of Mind come naturally and easily after a major issue is resolved.

But how do you stay Patient and Peaceful in the midst of a “crisis”?

Last night, during my Inner Circle Teleseminar, many feelings emerged as I spoke about the upcoming changes that are compelling us to shift. September's 13/4 Universal Month is bringing rapid transformation, so we are all going through major adjustments.

It's really all a matter of Perspective.

Feeling Peaceful, no matter what is happening at any given moment, is the ultimate state of being.

Solutions are wrapped up in every experience you have, no matter how dire it may seem.

In that regard, here is what I do when I begin to feel overwhelmed.

I replace the words “problem”, “challenge”, and “crisis” with the word “opportunity”, or I say “incredible situation” or “Interesting issue” first, and then find the opportunity in the message.

By eliminating certain words from your vocabulary and replacing them with empowering, positive, life-affirming words, you CHANGE your Perspective.

For example. Yesterday I learned about a major transaction that had not been executed, unbeknownst to me. I had to shift my current reality to a brand new one requiring a major readjustment and hours on the phone. The situation occurred due to a major health issue to another person who was in charge of this project.

Once the initial shock dissipated (this took a few minutes), I focused on being Pro-active and Productive – as well as Patient. As I turned my passion onto creating a positive outcome, my Perspective shifted from internal aggravation to peace of mind.

I did not find blame… I found a solution.

If you, like many, are dealing with a major transition, an “incredible situation”, then just keep revising your Perspective.

Say to yourself, “I know there is a Present for me here, so what do I need to SEE?

What you SEE is your Perspective on Life.

It always helps to get moving – by walking, biking, rollerblading and other
outdoor exercises. All movement creates a physical shift inside of you.

This month deep-seated fears are coming up to the surface. No wonder, it is what the number 13/ – Universal Month for September, 2011 – specializes in. Keep walking forward. Keep moving that perspective of yours. Everything is changing.

In reality, pain is only a perspective.

Your path to power or victimization is directly tied to how you perceive pain – and pleasure.

Be Playful. Humor the pain. Look it in the eye and laugh. Laughter is the greatest healing tool there is. Laughter enables instant Purification.

Your life is a living example of the Power to Change – at any moment in time.

A Positive Perspective creates a Pivot Point.

Use the passion in your heart and the power of your mind to create positive moments. Be patient with yourself. Surround yourself with people who propel you to feel your inner source of power.

And remember… one ultimate tool to support you throughout your life is for you to have a fortunate current name.

Be sure you have one.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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