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On July 17, 2009 a legend passed away. Walter
Cronkite was 92 years old.


The man with the deep voice and calm manner was
a lifelong journalist. A television anchorman who set the stage for all
newscasts ever since – Cronkite was a towering figure and someone whose authority
was rarely questioned.


You could say ‘Uncle Walter' Cronkite was to
news what Johnny Carson was to late-night talk shows.


And his numbers are absolutely fascinating.


Born on the 4th he is directly connected to the U.S.
– a country with a 4 Day of Birth.


Additionally his Life Purpose Number is 23/5 creating
a reverse mirroring effect with the  U.S.'s 32/5 Life Purpose. This is a powerful double connection
to the country he covered from World War II through 1981.


Even the word ‘America' resonates to 32/5.


Cronkite's Destiny Number – derived from his birth
name – is 87, which reduces to 15/6. Number 15 explains his magic and charisma
in front of the camera. And the 6 is the magnetic, parental vibration and
paints a picture of a man many referred to as ‘Uncle Walter'.


Cronkite died on the 17th – the number of Immortality.


Amazingly, his personal year cycle in 2009 was ALSO
17/8. The double 17 indicates he left a legacy behind for which he will be


He'll be immortalized as a master of his craft. This
is signified by his age at the time of his death. 92 reduces to 11, a Master Number.


Interestingly, Cronkite ended his run at CBS Evening
News at the age of 65 – another number which reduces to 11.


Finally, and this is the icing on the cake, the current
name he carried throughout his life was ‘Walter Conkrite.' It adds up to 14/5 –
the MEDIA number.


14 is a highly fortunate vibration when it comes
to your current name. It ensured he would be helped in his rise to the top.


His fortunate name number gave Cronkite the
freedom to succeed on his own terms, without many obstacles and with a lot of
support. The fact that ‘Walter Conkrite' happened to resonate to the ‘Media'
number, made his success in that medium all the more likely.


Other celebrities who rose to the top quickly with
a 14/5 current name are Angelina Jolie and  Nicole Kidman.


You could say it's the perfect name for a man  who's considered by many to be the
symbolic father  of television news.


May Walter Cronkite rest in peace.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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