A few weeks ago Wesley Snipes
announced his intention to film his own J. Edgar Hoover film about Hoover's
attempt to dig up damaging info on Martin Luther King, Jr.


Today he is surrendering himself to
authorities and will begin a three-year prison sentence for federal tax


How are these two related?


His current name frequency. ‘Wesley
Snipes' resonates to the number 12/3 – the Victim Number. And right now his
name is being triggered. By his age.


Wesley Snipes is 48 years old – a
12/3 as well.


His prison sentence is 3 years.


‘J. Edgar Hoover' is a 12/3 name.


He was sent to prison in the 12th
month of 2010.


This is an extreme case where the
‘Victim Number' 12 is being visibly played out with the person getting


Carrying around a 12/3 current
name will not send a person to jail. However, he or she will feel constraints
throughout life, as if invisible prison bars were put up to impede progress and
sabotage plans.


“Why me?” will be asked often by
people with this name number.


Instead of asking, “what mind
patterns do I need to change in my life in order to NOT feel like a victim?” Unfortunately,
it is a lot harder to release yourself when your name attracts a Victim mind


Snipes is in a 14/5 Personal Year.
His Destiny resonates to 77/14/5.


So this is a very powerful time in
his life. He has a tremendous opportunity to do well, especially in terms of
his career. However…


Instead unexpected career
successes, the 14/5 ‘Media Number' is putting him on front pages for issues
that reflect his victim mentality.


Look at the figure of the 5. It
faces Left and Right. When you have this number in your birth blueprint, your
life will Always demand that you make lightning quick decisions. Many


The same goes for having a 5 in
your current cycles, as Wesley does now.


He will feel continue to
experience a constant barrage of unexpected events, decisions and changes in
his plans. Including a sudden windfall in his career.


However, since he is ALSO 48 years
old this year, his current name, the 12/3 Victim number, even more triggered
right now.


The combination of these two
numbers – 12/3 and 14/5 – is quite unstable.


It will be interesting to watch
what happens to him over the next months.


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Remember, your name is the most
precious asset you have.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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