Originally I was going to write about another topic today. After giving live readings on the radio early this morning I decided to check the news online.

Another story caught my attention.

I read on CNN that a 21-year-old up-and-coming rapper named Dolla was fatally shot yesterday at a mall in L.A. He was in the city recording his debut album.

As I read the headline, I had a feeling something was up with his rapper name – ‘Dolla'. So I checked on it.

‘Dolla' unfortunately adds up to 18/9 – a very challenging number.  

The warning with an 18 current name number is bitter quarrels within your circle of family and friends. Deception from friends and enemies is also likely.

I won't go into his family tragedies here, except to say, he's had more than his share of heartbreaks.

Yesterday ALL the major numbers in Dolla's Personal Numerology Blueprint were activated. Usually this indicates heightened activity and excitement for most people – but with Dolla's challenging current name, he always had to be more careful than others.

Look at how many of his personal numbers were active – yesterday in particular.

It happened on May 18 – the SAME number of his challenging current name.

Dolla's Destiny, Soul and Personality numbers are ALL 9. Three 9s can indicate a compassionate humanitarian on the one hand, and a big ego on the other hand. Importantly, the triple 9 in his blueprint was naturally activating his 18/9 name – making it even more challenging.

Dolla was born on the 25th. The current month of May was a 25/7 Personal Month for him.

This young rap-star lost his life on a 34/7 Personal Day. His Life Purpose Number is 34/7.

Dolla's actual name ‘Roderick Burton' adds up to a 16/7. This again is a name number I'd never recommend since it indicates a ‘sudden fall from a high place'.

Notice how the 7s in his blueprint and the 7s activated yesterday all set off his 16 name as well.

So, unfortunately this young man had much to deal with. Needless to say, Dolla's particular choice of profession did not help matters.

And what Dolla didn't know is that your current name is one of the most powerful tools you have. The name you're using right now is an activator of your personal birth blueprint. You want your name to HELP you – not create unnecessary challenges.

Your fortunate name gives you the KEY to a very powerful kingdom – a successful, happy and peaceful life.

Check your current name in your Is My Name Fortunate? report. Turn your obstacles into opportunities starting right Now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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