When Catherine Cook was 15 when she started a website called ‘myyearbook.com' with the help of her older brother Geoff, a web entrepreneur.

After some potential investors wanted to move their company's headquarters from a town in New Jersey to New York City, they stuck to their vision and said no. Now at 18 Catherine's worth is in the 8 figures.

I love hearing stories like Cook's and so I wanted to check out her numbers. There's no birthday or birth name listed online. No matter. I didn't need them.

You see Catherine has two great names going for her.

Her own current name ‘Catherine Cook' adds up to 50/5. This number gives her wonderful powers to sway masses of people. Plus she receives help from people in higher positions. The ancients referred to 50, 41 and 32 as the ‘Politician's Number.'

It also ties her directly to the media. 50 gives her an open invitation to write, publish, get on radio, tv and the internet and advertise.

What really caught my attention is the name of her website – ‘myyearbook.'

MyYearbook is a 32/5 name. So it resonates to exactly to the same meaning as Catherine's own name.

Any time you double up a number it really intensifies the effect. Notice that John McCain has two major 11s in his Blueprint. He is constantly moving, doesn't like standing behind a podium and sometimes appears fidgety.

It's because the 11 indicates an overflow of nervous energy. And exercise is a must.

So Catherine Cook's double 32/5 – 50/5 indicates tremendous potential to reach a large group of people, which she has. Her site gets 10 billion page views per month. This combo gives her amazing potential to sell her product, since it's also the salesperson number – which she has.

With this number configuration all sorts of media will flock to her. Imagine appearing in such diverse shows and magazines as Forbes, USA Today, Donny Deutsch and the National Enquirer. At age 17 she was listed as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 by Inc.

Oh, and one more thing. Her older brother, the website entrepreneur, who helped her get started? The person who represents the help she receives from people in higher places? Well, ‘Geoff Cook' Also adds up to 50/5.

Goes to show you once again – numbers are law.

So check Your current name today. Make sure you and your loved ones are being protected and supported.

Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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