A few years ago, before we had Claire, my husband and I vacationed on Turks and Caicos Island. It was magical. So when I heard Ike had devastated the pristine Caribbean Island of Grand Turk, I was saddened.

Since it blew over Turks and Caicos as a category 4 a week ago, Ike has left a trail of destruction. It ripped through Haiti causing immense hardship to that country's residents.

Ike has grown in size along the way. Now the hurricane is a whopping 900 miles in diameter. Here's a reminder of why Ike is so big, and so dangerous.

The Destiny Number for Ike is 16/7. What this number means for a weather event is that Ike will cause sudden events, bringing a downfall of some sort. So the current category 2 status is misleading. If we only took the category into consideration, we'd be breathing a sigh of relief.

But Ike is deceptively strong – and big. Here's where Ike's name describes why.

A current name is an activator. For Ike, the activating number is 8 -power, infinity, strength and size. Plus 8 is a number of fate and destiny.  

Combine the 8 with the 16 and you can see why Ike has been able to move from a category 4, continue on its passage over the landmass of Cuba for three days, emerge as a weak category 1 still in tact and regroup in the Gulf of Mexico to its current mega size.

I also looked at the name ‘Hurricane Ike' which adds up to 11/2 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for current names. The 11 indicates division. So people affected by the tremendous water pouring into this wide corner of the Gulf over the next 24 hours will be divided from their homes.

Since the Destiny Number for the name ‘Hurricane Ike' is 68/14/5 we're going to see unbelievable media footage – 14 is the media number. The 5 indicates many, many people will be affected.

Today is September 12, and tomorrow is September 13. These dates combined with Ike's numbers aren't helping matters either.

Again – sending prayers and positive thoughts helps. When Gustav threatened New Orleans, so many people, with Katrina still on their minds, poured positive thoughts towards that part of the Gulf.

I believe it made a difference.

Now let's focus our thoughts and prayers on Texas.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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