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On Saturday the world's top banker
– Chief of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn – had just
boarded a flight from JFK to Paris.


The Air France flight was on the
tarmac when Strauss-Kahn was nabbed and taken into custody. Since then he has
been arrested for assaulting a maid in his penthouse suite at a luxury hotel in
New York City hours earlier.


According to the Wall Street
Journal, Strauss-Kahn's location was identified after he called the hotel to
ask if he had left his phone there. The quick-thinking security official
replied that he had the phone and asked for the IMF chief's location in order
to return it to him.


Moments later Strauss-Kahn was
seized from the plane which was just 2 minutes from take-off.


The number 2 also figures in
Strauss-Kahn's current cycles. 2 is the symbol of relationships. Right now, Strauss-Kahn
is in a 2 Personal Month.


His current Personal Year, a 15/6,
is all about home and family responsibilities.


Yet, it is the third number in his
Personal Cycles that gives us the biggest clue – the number 7. Saturday was a 7
Personal Day for Strauss-Kahn.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn was born on
the 25th, a 7 Day of Birth.


His full birthday on 4.25.1949
adds up to a Life Purpose Number of 34, which also reduces to 7.


So two of his three important
birth numbers are a 7, giving him a marked emphasis on the meaning of this


His third important birth number is
a 128 Destiny. Notice how it reduces to 11 and 2.


So, on Saturday Dominique Strauss-Kahn
was experiencing a 2 Personal Month and a 25/7 Personal Day activating ALL of his
important birth numbers.


Since he just began his 6 Personal
Year, his focus is on home, family and business responsibilities.


Strauss-Kahn double 7 Birth
Numbers explain how well he can keep secrets. As the world's top
banker, this quality would have been expected and rewarded.


Number 7 image.png

7 is the most introspective of

When a 7 person is balanced and at peace, her 7 is expressed as
dignified, wise, helpful, as having a great thirst for knowledge and mysteries,
powerful intuitive gifts and a deep connection to nature.


Every number also has a shadow


When 7's are out of sync, they
live in the past, are melancholy, isolate themselves, become unapproachable,
skeptical, and aloof.


The most challenging expression of
7 results in secrecy, dishonesty, cheating, revenge, misuse of the physical
body and great sarcasm.


I half-jokingly call 7 the ‘spy


7s can keep secrets like no one
else. They have the ability to gather information, analyze it and keep it
completely hidden from view. 7's have ‘eyes in back of their heads.'


It is no coincidence that the most
famous spy, James Bond, is known as ‘007'.


As for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the
IMF chief was arrested for engaging in an inappropriate relationship on a 25/7
Personal Day for him, reflecting his 25th Day of Birth and 34/7 Life


His 20/2 Personal Month, activating
his Destiny Number, shows how relationships are a strong focus for him this


If his actions did occur as has
been reported, it was his choice to activate his personal cycles in such a
challenging way. It is always YOUR choice as to HOW you activate your cycles –
in a state of balance and joy, or in a conflicted state of mind.


Remember, there is no such thing
as a negative or positive number.


Only your current name has it's
own separate branch in numerology, in that it resonates to either a fortunate
or challenging number. However, your Birth numbers and current cycles are never
negative or positive.


Yet they are ACTIVATED by your
current name number in a fortunate or challenging way.


This is why I always say, if you
do only one thing, be sure to check your current name with your Is My Name
report first.


Unlike in astrology, where you
cannot change any part of your information, in numerology you control the specific
frequency of your current name.


Make sure your name is activating
your life positively.

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. The ‘Is My Name Fortunate' report comes as a gift with
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life there is.

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