Yesterday I was up from 5am to 1am, with radio interviews at both ends of the spectrum and one in between. Quite a day.

Most of the questions I get asked center around the world economy and the two candidates. Both figure in today's look at Immortal names.

While lying in bed winding down from the day late last night I thought about names that add up to 17/8.

I noticed something very interesting about the word ‘Gold.'

‘Gold' resonates to 17/8 – the Immortality Number. Makes sense that this most precious metal will always be of value. Gold also plays a part in creating history. Right now there's a run on gold worldwide. As stocks plunge, the real, tangible commodities gain more power. Gold is no exception.

In fact the U.S. Mint is stopping production on some of the popular American Eagle gold coins for the rest of this year. European banks are no longer lending any gold. They're also not renewing leases on gold after they mature.

Sounds like a good time to own some of this ‘Immortality Metal.'

To give you an example of the power of this number, look at how the number 17 describes the following.

The names for ‘Stalin', ‘Reagan', ‘Arafat', and ‘Mark Twain' all resonate to 17/8.

Benjamin Franklin was born on the 17th and died on the 17th attesting to his immortality on the 100 dollar bill and in history.

It's important and amazing to note right now that both John McCain and Barack Obama have 17/8 current names. Meaning these two men Will be remembered for something. Amazingly ‘Michelle Obama' also has a 17/8 name. And Cindy McCain is currently in a 178 Personal Year.

That's a full activation of the ‘Immortality' number in our Presidential candidates and their wives.

Finally, three most telling 17/8 words reveal the immortality of sound, our planet and the universe.

EARTH is a 17/8 word.

The word MUSIC resonates to the Immortality Number. Pythagoras, the founder of Western Numerology and creator of the musical scale we still use today, referred to the ‘Music of the Spheres.' He taught that everything in the universe makes music.

Since music is a vibration, this makes complete sense.

Pythagoras believed music and sound were eternal and essential to life. Amazingly this next word also adds up to 17 –


Clearly, the numbers of words describe their meaning.

In fact, everything carries a vibration. Keep in mind that adding sound Activates the vibration and gives it life.

When others call you by your name or refer to you they are activating your name number.

So be extra sure your current name number is a fortunate one. You want your name to lift you up, to help and support you – not drag you down.

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. As you may know, I am also a composer and have been writing music since I was a very young. My ‘Secret Power of Words and Music' 5 CD package is filled with positively charged sounds that relax and rejuvenate all at once.