iran.jpgI'm not surprised Iran is in the news again. 2009 is a major, volatile cycle for this country.

The current election results and their aftermath are explained by looking at the name and numerology of two candidates – especially in conjunction with Iran's current numbers.

In 2009 Iran is experiencing the number 16/7.

A 16/7 cycle will always bring sudden events. When it comes to a country, 16 years often include volatile, challenging situations. The ancients described this number as “a tower struck by lightning from which a person is falling with a crown on his or her head.'

So in 2009 Iran is confronted with a cycle of danger and unexpected challenges.

On the other hand, 16/7 cycles give an amazing opportunity to tune inwards for guidance – instead of lashing out. If there is one thing that warns you of danger it is your intuition. So it's imperative for Iranians to check their ‘inner gut' this year. It will keep them from being taken advantage of by unseen forces – which are often pulling the strings and instigating chaos behind the scenes.

As for the two candidates, there is SO much coming to a head THIS month – especially in relation to Iran.

June is a 22/4 Personal Month for Iran.

Interestingly the election took place on June 12 – 12 can symbolize ‘the victim' and adds another layer to this already complicated and powerful series of numbers.

The election took place on a 25/7 Personal Day for Iran.

I notice right off that Iran's 25/7 Personal Day on Sunday ACTIVATED this country's 16/7 Personal Year. Clearly when looking through the lense of numerology, that June 12 set off a volatile series of numbers.

And since Iran's Life Purpose Number is 31/4, June – a 22/4 Personal Month for Iran – adds another layer of highly charged energy to the equation.

Bring in President Ahmadinejad who just so happens to be in 22/4 Personal Year throughout 2009.

So the President's current 22/4 personal year is directly lined up with his country's personal month of 22/4 in June.

Amazingly Ahmadinejad's opponent, Mir-Hossein Moussavi, has a 22/4 currrent name AND is in a 31/4 Personal Year – ALSO connecting him directly to Iran's 31/4 Life Purpose and 22/4 Personal Month right now. This is one of the main reasons he is still able to put up a fight against President Ahmadinejad. You'll see why in a moment.

So these two candidates are have identical cycles happening at the SAME time which just so happen line up directly with the cycles of Iran.

Here's why Ahmadinejad has the upper hand – stolen election or not.

His 10/1 current name ‘President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad', his 10/1 Day of Birth, AND his 10/1 Destiny are ALL being fully activated in June. 10/1 is the Instant Manifestation Number and means he will  manifest his thoughts, feelings and goals very, very quickly – good or bad.

Even without the title of President, his name ‘Mahmoud Ahmadinejad' resonates to a powerful number.

On the other hand, his opponent, ‘Mir-Hossein Moussevi' has a more challenging current name number, a 22/4. It DOES connect him to Iran, but at the same time, a 22/4 current name will often result in obstacles.

As I said before, Mousssevi is able to get so much traction because his current cycles are lined up with Iran's numbers in 2009.

As for how Iran will fare – that is open to question. This powerful country has the official name of ‘Islamic Republic of Iran' – a 25/7 current name.

Notice that this name also activates the 16/7 Iran is experiencing all year. There's a lot of pressure building right now and it will need to be released and dissipated. I wish the citizens of this beautiful and ancient nation well as they go through another major transition.

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