Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.08.46 AMOne of your greatest assets – or foes – is your current name.

This morning I came across an interesting article illustrating the power of names. The story told how 7 hairstylists are suing a coworker about a $9.5 million jackpot.

It all started on February 16. Note that 16 reduces to 7 and is further activated by the 7 stylists.

16 in a cycle can bring a sudden ‘fall from a high place.’

So on February 16 these stylists pooled their resources and bought lottery tickets, agreeing to share their winnings.

Things turned ugly when stylist Christina Shaw, who purchased the tickets, told the group that she won but they didn’t.

I immediately checked the salon’s and Shaw’s names.

The salon is called “Lou’s Creative Styles, a name that adds up to 11 in the ancient Chaldean system I use.

11 current names are very challenging. For one they cause division and bring a feeling of incompletion. Exactly what is happening with this group suing their co-worker.

As for Christina Shaw, who wants to keep the winnings, she claims she bought two batches of lottery tickets – one batch for the group and another for herself. Thing is, they all agreed she would have to purchase any personal tickets at another store… which she did not do.

Her name gives us further clues.

‘Christina Shaw’ adds up to 13/4. This name brings upheaval if the person uses power for selfish reasons. Plus 13 names attract the unknown and unexpected.

Combine the February 16 purchase date with these challenging names and you have a formula indicating division, strife, sudden reversals and upheaval.

Oh, and the $9.5 million jackpot?

It’s frozen by the courts for now until the case gets resolved. 9.5 adds up to 14, the “Media” number assuring this story will be covered in the news.

When it comes to your name, be on top of what it means! Your name is your energetic calling card.

What message are YOU emitting to the world?

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I always tell my clients… if there is only one thing you do, make sure you have a good name!

In Love and Abundance,

Tania Gabrielle

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