My sister and her family left Asheville yesterday. But not before her husband turned from somewhat skeptic to complete believer.
During one of our day trips to take the girls for a pony ride, they asked me about numerology and cities. So I basically tallied the numbers of various places he and my sister had lived or had always wanted to live.
While I was driving our car through the gentle terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I got the number on each location. Then I explained whether the vibration of every town was in harmony, compatible or in conflict with their Life Purpose Number. Even though I couldn’t see their faces, because I had to keep my eye on the road, I could feel the air get more electric with each city I looked at.
Even favorite and not so favorite vacation spots were covered.
That day my sister and brother-in-law confirmed in their own minds that Pythagorean Numerology is uncannily accurate.
Then, my brother-in-law suddenly had a realization. After hearing about and substantiating why certain places were great and others not so great for him as well as for my sister, he said, “Numbers and names each have a unique, specific vibration. Like music. And colors.” He was taken aback by the accuracy a simple name could have on his life.
I told him, “Numbers are a wonderful tool. They are active whether you know about their influence or not. Just like music. So you might as well understand the effect they have on your life, right?”
He nodded.
Funny. A simple thing, like adding up the numbers of a city or address, can cause some people to cringe internally and close their minds. I know from experience, when I sense myself closing down, I know for sure, I better pay attention. Then, I’m always glad I did.
So I’m doubly happy that I was able to help both my sister and brother-in-law understand the beauty of Pythagorean Numerology this past week. A whole new world has opened up for them. It can for you too. By knowing the numbers in your personal blueprint you’ll be fully equipped for life.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. When you discover whether your location is a good fit with your Life Purpose Number, you are given vital information. Information which has never failed to confirm in my clients minds, how they already felt. Get confirmation now on how the city or town you live in affects your life. If you have a spouse or partner, I will take their numbers into consideration as well. So order your personal Am I Living in the Right City? Report now.

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