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Jack LaLanne was an extraordinary
inspiration. He lived life to the fullest and helped countless discover the
importance of health and exercise.


His love of life defined
everything he did.


On January 23, he died of respiratory
failure due to pneumonia. He had recently curtailed his daily exercise regime
due to a heart operation. Imagine Jack LaLanne having to stop exercising.


His age on Sunday was 96. That
number reduces to 15/6. How appropriate.


15 describes the spiritual
alchemist who by his sheer magnetism uplifts and brings joy to others. 6 is a
born counselor and teacher. This number also represents your home – both the
home you live in and your physical body, a temporary home for your soul.


Did you know he was very ill as a
young boy and became addicted to sugar and junk food. Then, at age 15,
everything changed.


That is when he heard health food
pioneer Paul Bragg give a talk on health and nutrition.


Bragg's talk changed Jack
LaLanne's life as he focused on his diet and exercise habits. And the rest is


Note that he changed his life at
age 15/6. And that he passed away at age 96/15/6. A full circle was
accomplished. One that lasted 80 powerful years.


The number 8 played a big role in
his life.


That is because Jack LaLanne was born
on the 26th, an 8 Day.


With an 8 ‘Infinity' symbol as one
of his three important birth numbers, he had strength to overcome obstacles.


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He believed health and happiness
are acquired through hard work, and that his diet and exercises are his
obligation to life. His feeling that ‘life is a battlefield' is very much
related to his 26/8 Day of Birth.


Jack was married to his wife
Elaine  LaLanne for 53/8 years. As
mentioned earlier, his dedication to a life of health and exercise spanned 80/8


LaLanne's full birthday number,
his Life Purpose, was 32/5.


32 was referred to by the ancients
as the ‘Politician's Number' because it gives the ability to mesmerize crowds of
people and sell them any message or product. LaLanne understood and embodied
the magnetism of his 32 birth frequency.


His famous one-liners, ‘if man
made it, don't eat it', and ‘if it tastes good, spit it out,' are perfect
examples of the witty number 5.


32/5 is also tied into the media. LaLanne
had a fitness and exercise television show for 34 years. The Jack LaLanne Show was the longest running TV exercise program


The date a person dies reveals
much about the life they led.


When the person's important birth
numbers are activated, it indicates a life lived to its fullest potential.


Jack LaLanne passed away on Sunday
the 23rd of January, 2011. The 23 Day is a reverse mirror of his 32
Life Purpose, a very powerful effect.


Sunday was a 26/8 Personal Day for
him, so it activated his 26 Day of Birth.


Already, we see that two of his
three important birth numbers were lit up in lights on the day he passed.


The third important birth number,
his 99/9 Destiny, was also active. For LaLanne, January was a 21/3 Personal
Month. He was 96/15/6 years old. Both of these numbers connect to the 3-6-9
Emotional Triad, of which 99/9 is also a member.


This shows that LaLanne's heart
and emotions played a huge part in everything he did. He was a passionate human


His 99/9 Destiny, is extremely
powerful. A triple 9 activation of the ‘King of Numbers' gave him the mind to
succeed at the highest level, because he had a deep KNOWING that he was a
pioneer, a leader and a humanitarian.


Jack LaLanne will be missed. He
made the world a better place. And that is the greatest gift of all.




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