CfsJ5ZFUkAA8tRRHappy amazing January 17, 2017!

Miracles unfold today as the incredibly glorious 17:17 and 10:10 codes intertwine for the ultimate eternal awakening.

January 17 is a 17 Universal Day in 2017.

1.17.2017 adds up to 19/10 in a 10 Universal Year.

This code activates the message for ALL of 2017: As you lead from the heart, you step into eternal Light and Love.

Miracles are commonplace now.

In 2017 you see the presence of Miracles in your life every day – as you instantly manifest love and light (10) and create a new legacy of love (17).

A miraculous instant manifestation of peace.

You hold the truth within your HEART.

You know that in order to HEAL, you must FEEL.

Create something gorgeous today. Feel the light of the stars shining IN you.

You are ONE with the Cosmos, one with Nature, one with every-one…

BE the creation.

Welcome miracles as a natural part of your day. Be open – wide open.

Have no fear, beloved! You are an Immortal Being of Light and Love. 2017 is the year you are able to awaken and activate Miracles.

Begin by stopping to hide. Take off the veil. Remove the mask. Be in your joy. Be gentle with yourself as you explore your feelings (not matter what they are)… Just be present and awake.

Know that, where you choose to place your energy, what you choose to focus on, what you are internalizing – food & drink, thoughts, decisions, visions, dreams – is exactly what will manifest energetically in your life… and very quickly.

Put on your intuitive headlights. Notice what’s being lit up.

What the light reveals…. heals.

Have no fear of what might appear. Don't ever judge the unfolding of what is.

Just open your heart… listen…

Stay clear of drama. Feed only what feels uplifting.

You’ll KNOW, because on the other side of your decision, you instantly feel LIGHTER, happier…

You’ll be at Peace.

Definitely have your guide to 2017 handy. Support your soul by referring to the ultimate spiritual and practical map of 2017's extraordinary astro-numerology code.

Embrace what is beginning now in your life and be grateful for the shift.

You are on a healing journey of unprecedented transformation…

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle



  1. Erin January 17, 2017 at 9:28 am - Reply

    Thank you for your encouragement and uplifting posts.
    Light and love!
    Trying to be open!!!

  2. Ajara January 17, 2017 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    This wonderful Tania,
    Such great channelled advice & so important to help us “shift”into the new paradigm of the “Return of Light & Unity Consciousness” within us!
    Especially the advice about watching our thoughts & keeping them positive, so we manifest our true desires!
    So much Lkve & gratitude to you! ???

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