screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-9-30-58-amHappy Capricorn New Moon Day!

It’s time to move from 2016 into 2017…. a momentous few days!

2016 was an awakening on how to accept the truth and to communicate with integrity and full transparency.

Now we are moving into January, the birth month of 2017.

As it happens, January 2017 is an 11 Universal Month. How perfect is that!

The 11 Portal of Double New Beginnings ushers in a 10/1 Universal Year of New Beginnings and the start of a brand new 9-year cycle!

With the New Moon today on December 29, an 11 Universal Day… it’s pretty clear the world as we know it is about to change forever.

The slate is completely wiped clean.

Your life is reborn.

Life as it was is history – it will never be the same again.

Good news is coming your way! Something extraordinary and beautiful is about to manifest.

It is time to celebrate the wonder and gifts in your life.

Listen to a FREE excerpt of January's Premium Monthly Forecast here – it describes the 11 Universal Month energy and what it means to you as we cross into 2017.

Here are some highlights of next month's stars and numbers code:

  • January begins with the Moon in the sign of Aquarius – how the onset of the New Age will impact you as you cross the threshold into 2017.
  • Mercury Retrograde bridges Sagittarius and Capricorn during an intense, game-changing few days – during this period you’ll uncover how to communicate your message in a practical way to create successful outcomes
  • Instant Manifestation is the big theme of 2017 and gets a major magnification on three days in January – you’ll love leveraging the positive forward momentum!
  • Know which two Mondays call for rest and rejuvenation, rather than pushing ahead…
  • The 11:11 Portal blesses us twice in January – discover when you can step through the sacred gateway and how the powerful astrology on these two days will impact your life.
  • The Cancer Full Moon unleashes a dynamic Grand Square – the sacred geometry of a Pyramid that defines the forecast for 2017 – learn how to use the Pyramid energy to create magic and miracles in your life.
  • The Aquarius New Moon at the end of the month heralds a New Age of Freedom, Transparency and Inclusiveness – what to watch for as we prepare for the big eclipses that follow in February!

It’s such a pivotal month introducing a pivotal year and 9-year cycle of liberation – as we enter the Aquarian age.

January’s Premium Monthly Forecast is your detailed day-by-day guide to support you on your journey. You can download the complete forecast here (including written transcript and specially selected music), so you have it at your fingertips in advance!

Have a beautiful New Year!

Blessings and Love,

Tania Gabrielle




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