This morning while I was stretching I got the urge to look at John F. Kennedy’s name and numbers. I was floored by what I found.
First of all, he was born on the 29th, a number which carries the most challenging mission of all. Why. Because it tests you all the time for spiritual strength.
Every area of life is covered. As a result Kennedy’s life was filled with uncertainties, unexpected dangers and friends which may have turned out to be untrustworthy. Also, as I mentioned with John McCain, who is also born on the 29th, members of the opposite sex may cause anxiety.
However, when someone born on this day remains optimistic in the face of challenges, and holds a deep faith in goodness, they will have discovered the miracle of this number. I believe Kennedy tapped into this quality.
When you are born on a day such as the 29th, a powerfully positive current name will help immensely in overcoming all obstacles. In fact, I have found that this combination often describes some of the happiest people walking the earth – because they understand that nothing can defeat them. John McCain has such a name, and he has certainly overcome some big obstacles to become the Republican Nominee for President.
But Kennedy’s name didn’t add up to an easy number. In fact, his name is the fateful 26/8. I had a strong feeling Kennedy would have a 4 or 8 in his blueprint.
What I further found astounded me.
John F. Kennedy was the 35th President. As in 35/8. In 1963, the year he died, he was in a 35/8 Personal Year.
The day he was assassinated, November 22 was a 4 Day.
Notice the 8s and 4 all over his blueprint that day and that year. 8 and 4 are the numbers of fate. When you combine two or more with each other, things can come to a head.
Most people can handle the 4 or 8 vibration alone. But in JFK’s case, the combination of his 35/8 Personal Year, 22/4 Day and 26/8 current name – and the fact that he was the 35th President, added up to a fateful blend in 1963. One of the major hurdles with a 26 name is listening to bad advice instead of your own intuition. In Kennedy’s case, sitting in a vulnerable convertible that day in Dallas, was not the best decision, to say the least.
So how did he become President, you’re probably asking.
Here’s how. In 1960 he officially declared his intent to run for President. 1960 was a 32/5 Personal Year for Kennedy. Two reasons this is important. 32/5 is in Perfect Harmony with his Life Purpose Number. And, 32/5 is the Politician’s Number. It couldn’t have been a better year for Kennedy than this vibration.
On November 8, Kennedy defeated Nixon in one of the closest presidential elections of the twentieth century. Kennedy’s Destiny Number is an 8. That day his Destiny was activated.
With a fortunate name, history may have turned out differently.
Never underestimate the influence your current name has on your life. Make sure your name is a good one.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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