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John Galliano, Jennifer Aniston,
Nelson Mandela and First Lady Michelle Obama all have something in common.


A Double Number – which means the
same number is reflected in two important parts of their personal blueprint.
This phenomenon gives tremendous focus and drive.


Of course, the meaning and lesson
of the double number is much more emphasized as well.


John Galliano, for example, was
born on the 28th and has a 28/10/1 Life Purpose Number. The 10/1
that 28 reduces to gives Galliano tremendous drive, creativity and
manifestation powers.


However, with the 28 doubled up,
Galliano is dealing with frustrating contradictions.


On the one hand 28 gives great
promise, even genius-like talents, with the possibility of great success.


Yet often this number results
in trusting the wrong people. Even a single 28 can attract powerful opposition
in all parts of life, from both colleagues and enemies. There is a risk of
serious loss in courts of law. Double the 28 and you double both the positive
and negative tendencies.


To balance the number 28, always
use self discipline and caution.


That was obviously not the case
with John Galliano, when he made his recent remarks about Hitler. Remarks which
got him fired as head designer for Christian Dior.


Interestingly, many high achievers
have double numbers, because the intensification brings on a tremendous focus
and determination.


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So it goes with Jennifer Aniston.


Aniston is born on the 11th,
and her full birth day adds up to a 29/11 Life Purpose. The actress has
benefited greatly from the magnetic presence and leadership quality this number
carries. After all, the double 1 in 11 means double creativity, double
confidence  -though often 11's are
quite self conscious initially – and double inspiration as well as independence.


At the same time, 11's need to
learn about inner and outer division. They grapple with the feeling of
incompletion and separation. Compromise and balance are the key to achieving peace
of mind.


For Aniston the issue of feeling
complete or incomplete in partnership has been paramount – a key element of the
11, which reduces to 2.


Michelle Obama.png

Michelle Obama was born on the 17th
and has a 17/8 current name. Interestingly ‘Barack Obama' is also a 17/8
current name.


Both of them were born on 4 or 8
Days – President Obama on the 4th and First Lady Michelle Obama on
the 17th, an 8 Day. When you mix a 4 or 8 Birth number with a 4 or 8
current name, your life takes on a destined and fateful quality.


With the double number 17,
Michelle Obama carries the meaning of ‘Immortality.' 17 always leaves some kind
of legacy behind, whether in a community, local, national or international


When Samuel Clemens changed his
name to ‘Mark Twain', he took on the 17/8 frequency. His books attest to the
immortality that a 17 name can bring.


Nelson Mandela.png

Nelson Mandela was born on the 18th
and has a 99/18/9 Destiny Number.


9 signifies humanitarian
leadership, compassion, wisdom and service. The image of the number 9 has a
‘big head'.


Number 18 carries the power and
leadership of the 9, but also has challenges, particularly concerning martyrdom
and strife. With a double 18, that possibility is even more pronounced. The
actual conflict can arise within the family, or in Mandela's case – a
revolution within a country. Meditation and calm is key for this number.


Just recently the 18 played out on
the world stage. Egypt was born on an 18 Day, and is currently in an 18/9
Personal Year right now. Egypt's uprising lasted 18 days.


Joe Biden also carries a double
number. In fact, it ties into his current position.


Biden was born on the 20th
and has a 20 Life Purpose. 20 reduces to 2, the number of diplomacy. As Vice
President, he is visibly expressing the number 2, as the second in line
to the Presidency.


If you have a double number
reflected in one of your important birth blueprint categories, pay particular
attention to the meaning.

The important categories are – your Life Purpose, Destiny, Day of Birth and your current name. All described in great detail in your Personal Numerology Blueprint. Your 30+ page report still includes the ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report – my gift to you.

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