On Saturday, 13-year-old Jordan
Romero became the youngest person every to climb Mount Everest.


He is on a quest to climb the
highest peaks in all 7 continents by the age of 16. That quest may end in
December when he plans to scale the peak of the Vinson Massif in Antarctica.


Though I have mixed feelings about
a boy undergoing such a momentous task, the numbers help to explain the amazing
stamina and strength it took for Jordan to come this far.


I was not surprised to find a
major 8 in his birth blueprint.


8 is the number of power and
overcoming obstacles. If there ever was a number signifying accomplishing a
quest such as Jordan Romero's goal, it is this number.


Turn 8 on it's side, and you see
the infinity sign. Eternal life and abundant energy are symbols of this


However, none of the success comes
on a silver platter. 8 attracts challenges. By overcoming these obstacles you
gain strength and a powerful mind. Jordan's ability to focus in the face of
incredible challenges is imbuing his mind and body with strength.


And this year he is activated with
an incredible numbers equation.


Firstly, 2010 is a 13/4 Personal
Year for Jordan Romero. He is also 13 years old right now.


Numbers 4 and 8 have a powerfully
magnetic relationship to each other. Especially in combination, these numbers
attract ‘destined' events, often suddenly.


Since 13/4 is a number signifying
unforeseen and transformative events, it is not a surprise to find Jordan on
the cover news spanning the globe. His double 13 activation this year
guarantees his life is being transformed.


These two 13's are activating his
35/8 Life Purpose Number, so his story about overcoming and surpassing
incredible goals, makes absolute sense.


And there is more.


Saturday was May 22 – a 22/4
Universal Day.


22 reduces to 4 and is a powerful
double digit number of Mastery.


Amazingly, Saturday was also a
22/4 PERSONAL Day for Jordan.


So, he was lined up perfectly with
the world and could tap into the 22 both in a personal and universal way. Plus,
because 22 reduces to 4, the powerful 4 and 8 combination was triggered doubly
again for Jordan on Saturday. This absolutely helped to propel this 13-year-old
to the top of Everest and into the global spotlight.


There is one other interesting
mirroring effect. The day Jordan reached the summit was a 12 Universal Date –
add all the single digits for 5.22.2010 and you get 12. Well, Jordan is born on
the 12th.


Most definitely, the numbers prove
that Jordan picked a perfect time to scale Mount Everest.


Isn't it interesting too that
Mount Everest is 8,847 meters high, a number that adds up to 27/9. And the last
mountain for Jordan to climb is 4,897 meters – a 28/1.


This is important, because numbers
9 and 1 show both completion and beginning. Jordan will have completed his
goals, ending this part of his journey. Then, after Antarctica, he begins a new
life on the World Stage.


Also note that, by the time he
accomplishes his quest to climb the 7 highest peaks on 7 continents, Jordan
will be 14 years young – and 14/5 is the Media number.


All in all, a fascinating numbers'


When your personal cycles activate
your major birth numbers, as is happening for Jordan Romero right now, many
opportunities arise. You are confronted and propelled to learn and grow more
quickly than during some other cycles.


Remember too that your actual age
reduces to a number. Take note of how old you are, as this number adds another
dimension to your personal cycles.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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