We have arrived at the midpoint of
2010. This year, July symbolizes Double New Beginnings, so we are entering a
very potent period.


With the 10th year of
the century in full swing, July's 10 Universal Month number carries a special


Be bold and decisive now. Don't
hold back.


You are fully supported this month
to take Action and make major changes in your life. In fact, Independence Day
this year is truly reflected in the number 10/1. You can easily create brand
new opportunities right now.


It is important to understand that
we are at a crossroads. From now on, events will move rapidly as the second
half of 2010 unfolds.


Watch the July 2010 Forecast to
see how you benefit from this month's amazing frequency.


Wishing you a Happy 4th
of July!


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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