1112706_origA few months ago, while traveling and attending an event for entrepreneurs in Arizona, I met a kindred soul.

Her name is Hibiscus Moon, and she totally lit a fire in me about the healing power of crystals!

We became instant friends, and I was inspired to go deeply into the power of crystal healing. So, when I moved last month, I paid extra attention on adorning my new home with beautiful new and existing crystals, mindful of how they each carry a beautiful energetic message.

And, I can tell you… it’s done wonders!

One of the crystals I emphasized in my new home is citrine. Citrine is really activated for the next 13 months. Why?

Citrine is aligned to the planet Jupiter.

And Jupiter entered Virgo last week.

This connection to Virgo and Jupiter means: crystal healing is SUPER enhanced now.

When Jupiter moved into the Virgo on August 11, 2015 a thirteen-month window of health, healing and service began for all of us.

Both citrine and Jupiter symbolize wealth, good fortune, opportunity and success. They are bringers of joy, wonder and enthusiasm. They help you with self-confidence by stimulating your brain and enhancing inner wisdom.

Citrine and Jupiter rule your solar plexus.

They heal your emotional center by balancing out your solar plexus chakra, amplifying the connection from your spiritual center to divine source energy.

So what’s the connection to Virgo?

Virgo is an Earth sign – and in astrology Virgo is aligned with the 6th house of service, health and healing, including flower remedies, essential oils and crystal therapy.

Crystals are created deep within the Earth. Most are found in rocks that have a volcanic origin, so are formed by fire – molten rock called magma that, once cooled down, forms crystals. Each one carries unique healing qualities.

So, crystals hold powerful vibrational energy that fires up your soul!

Now, during this “Jupiter in Virgo” year, I highly recommend that you explore the powerful living energy in crystals.

If you’ve ever been drawn to crystals, maybe collected a few like I have, but not sure what to do with them, then I have something truly special to share with you!

My friend Hibiscus Moon has a big passion for crystals. She travels the world to discover and mine these powerful gemstones. She’s a crystal geek! Hibiscus loves teaching about how and why crystals work and has found many different ways to use them in her life in a practical way.

So I want to tell you about a fabulous e-Kit – where you'll discover how to use crystals to create your very own Sacred Space.

It includes a stunning 57-page eBook filled with GORGEOUS photos and stories of crystals and sacred spaces, including a private video tour of Hibiscus’ very own sacred space! You also get a meditation mp3.

If you want to create a special place for meditation, rituals, reflection and renewing your spirit plus surround yourself by the beauty of crystals… then you’ll love this!

Click here to get your own FREE Crystal e-Kit from Hibiscus Moon.

You’ll love this beautiful gift!

Love and Blessings,


P.S. Be sure to watch the fabulous video in Hibiscus Moon's e-Kit  – it's super helpful in showing how to create powerful crystal grids in your home. Watch it here!




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